Zheng Kai Miao Miao Guan announced his daughter!The progress of only 5 months of marriage is super fierce, saying that you will work hard to earn milk powder

The entertainment industry also spreads good news!Miao Miao produced smoothly, congratulations to Zheng Kai as a dad!

On October 22, Zheng Kai mentioned "my daughter" in an interview, and officially officially announced the good news.

In addition to the beautiful daughter, he also expressed his gratitude to his wife Miao Miao. "She is very hard, and I hope everyone will give her a little more time to let her mother and daughter rest well."The words revealed the infinite favor of his wife. I did not expect that the official announcement was also sprinkled with a dog food, which made it difficult to bless!

At the same time, Zheng Kai also said that he would have another responsibility in the future, and he would work harder to make milk powder, so that his wife and daughter would live a better life!

In fact, before Zheng Kaiguan Xuan Sheng daughter, a person familiar with the matter broke the news that Zheng Kai was absent from the recording of "Run", and even the original drama opening ceremony was temporarily canceled.Husband!

After learning this good news, friends in the entertainment industry sent blessings.Netizens also said that time was flying, and it was clear that how could a baby fall to the ground!

At 13:14 on May 21st, Zheng Kai and Miao Miao got stuck at the same time and took photos of Jiugongge on the social platform at the same time, and wrote the text: We are married!It means "I love you for a lifetime".

Don’t look at the good news of marriage to foreign officials in May, but since 2019, the intimate relationship between Zheng Kai and Miao Miao has been repeatedly "hammered" by the media, and even the news of the woman’s pregnancy several times.It is a well -known "underground love".

As early as August 19th, the two were suspected of living together, which has been more than one year since it is.

In fact, regarding the pregnancy, Zheng Kai and Miao Miao had no official announcement until now, but many netizens have default. Every time she sees Miao Miao, she pays attention to her belly.Perhaps because Miao Miao has been photographed by paparazzi many times, she has appeared in the hospital, and has even maintained a loose way of clothing, making it difficult for people not to think much.

In March 20, Zheng Kai and Miao Miao were captured and appeared in the hospital to check. The woman covered her belly with loose and clever belly.

Not long after June 2nd, a reporter once again photographed the two appeared together in a famous maternity hospital.When walking, Miao Miao’s steps seemed slightly slow and difficult, making people even more doubt whether she was really pregnant.

Netizens also opened their brains, saying that among the 9 houses that the two officials announced their marriage, there was a photo of Miao Miao and Zheng Kai on the stomach, which seemed to be implying something!

Now the little baby of the two is finally coming in the world, and no longer uses netizens to act as Holmes to guess whether the woman is happy!

Zheng Kai is handsome and beautiful, and Miao Miao is elegant and beautiful. The two people who are so matched will presumably the baby’s face will be very high in the future!

We also wish a happy family of three!

“Miao Miao Shengzi”,”Zheng Kai Dad”,”喜”

Author: chestnut

Responsible editor: rap singer Ahuan

[Pre -marital party] Zheng Kai has many party leaders before marriage, and his belly shows happiness and fat. Zhu Shimao also rarely appears to send blessings.

[Obviously obvious pregnancy] Miao Miao Guan Xuan appeared after getting married, obviously wearing loose pregnancy, and Zheng Kai holding hands like an old couple

[Appeared at the nightclub] Zheng Kai was hammered again?Displayed with two post -95s female loved to go to the nightclub, my wife is still a big belly, still during pregnancy

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