Zhao Liying was pregnant to the Hengdian group performance again: Huaicai is the same as pregnancy, and the time is too short to see

At the beginning of the new year, the first wave of waves in the entertainment industry set off with Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng.

Feng Shaofeng used the "knowledge" body to formally informed the world that his love with Zhao Liying still had a few months, and he was about to come to this world.

Many fans are stunned. What rhythm is this?

As early as Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng got married, there were winds on the Internet that two Fengzi were married, but they were clarified by the parties.

However, a friend in the circle estimated that the news had already been received, and Xie Na said, "Finally finally, said a mouthful" shows that the news is not a secret among them.

I do n’t know if you see it. This is the difference between the entertainment and the outside of the circle. The gap between ordinary fans and knowledge in the world.

Many things, what we see is the result, but the difficulty of the process ignores it subconsciously.

We only noticed that Zhao Liying was pregnant, and when she registered with Feng Shaofeng in the morning, she was inevitable.

However, pregnancy, like Huaicai, takes time to brew, and it will naturally appear after a long time.

As an ordinary person, we only saw the love when Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng got married, and announced the sweetness when they knew whether they knew if they were a family of three. "It looks like a hardship.

There are also doors in the entertainment industry, and the levels are strict.For those who are born in the science class, there is a lot of audition opportunities, and the difference is just a popular fuse.

For those who are not graduating from various film and television majors:

Want to enter the entertainment industry, it is difficult!

It is very difficult to stand in the entertainment industry!

It’s very, very difficult to become popular in the entertainment industry!

If you want to be a red flower in the entertainment industry, you should wash it early. This is no different from dreaming.

But Zhao Liying really graduated from a non -film and television major. From a group performance, she really entered the entertainment industry, stood firmly, and became popular.The envious happiness becomes the winner of life.

This is the result we see.

But what about the difficult process?

Who knows it again?

What school is Langfang Electronic Information Engineering School?

To put it bluntly, a national -level high school vocational school is a technical secondary school.

I graduated from high school and went to college.

I graduated from junior high school.

Do you see, technical secondary school!

Of course, Zhao Liying’s results in the technical secondary school at that time were general, not the potential of learning bully.

But for Zhao Liying’s appearance at the time, it was undoubtedly the Banhua at the time. Maybe the Banhua around you may be the next Zhao Liying.

The premise is that you are willing to send her to Hengdian.

It is the same as that of us. Due to family reasons, Zhao Liying after graduating from technical secondary school went to society. The first job was to be a company to be a company.

In 2006, Zhao Liying was 19 years old.

She accidentally saw a draft advertisement about selecting Yahoo Search, so she tried to try, and then went all the way to the final final and won the championship of Feng Xiaogang.

This is the 19 -year -old Zhao Liying. Perhaps in the entertainment industry of beautiful women, 19 -year -old Zhao Liying was not outstanding. At that time, she had the shyness of just out of school.

However, he also ignored the championship of Feng Xiaogang.

So she got the first advertisement in her life: "Kneel".And signed the Huayi Brothers’ agency and began to make a formal debut.

He also took the advertisement of the kneeling tribe, and signed the Huayi Brothers’ agency and began to make a official debut. Therefore, from this point of view, Zhao Liying’s acting as a draft champion was not low.

I do n’t know if you have noticed it. Zhao Liying ’s debut is to win the championship of Yahoo Searching for the champion of Feng Xiaogang, and signed the Huayi Brothers.

Then I started to mix.

This qualifications are not high for the science and television major, but for ordinary people, it is no longer the same class.

Those who only remembered Zhao Liying became popular for so many years, but forgot that they were not the same starting line as her.

If Zhao Liying goes to the group as soon as she starts graduation, will there be Zhao Liying this year?

Zhao Liying’s professional training for film and television is after signing Huayi Company.

Like ordinary newcomers, there will be a simple training training.

Zhao Liying is no exception. The three -month performing arts training in Huayi is the first time she has received formal performing arts training in her life.

Her performance talent at the time was recognized by the director at the time in a report performance and arranged the role of a little queen for her.

Unfortunately, this TV series reflecting the history of ethnic minorities in southern China has not been released.

And we really know Zhao Liying in the family ethical drama "Golden Wedding" aired in 2007.

At that time, Zhao Liying appeared in "Golden Wedding" and starred in Jiang Wenli’s three daughters.

What kind of series is "Golden Wedding"?

This TV series starring Zhang Guoli, Jiang Wenli, Lin Yongjian, Li Jingjing, Li Jingjing, Shen Aojun and others was the first in 2007.

The first!

The champion of ratings in 2007!

What’s more, Zhao Liying starred in the three daughters of Jiang Wenli as the main character.

It’s not ordinary actors who have no lines without lenses.

This is the difference in the starting point.

Unlike ordinary mass actors and ordinary dreams, they become the next many crowded actors of Zhao Liying. If they are also running a dragon at the beginning, only such running dragons will have the opportunity to stand in the entertainment industry.

And ordinary mass actors want to stand in the entertainment industry. Without Zhao Liying’s original starting point, it is too difficult to get recognition with several group performances.

Signed a contract with Huayi Company, and the two feet officially bought the entertainment industry. Therefore, Zhao Liying began a series of running dragons.

In fact, before everyone became popular, all characters belonged to the running dragon.

In 2007, he participated in the film debut "The Peony Pavilion of the World", and the sister Xiaohong, who plays the peony

Together with Guo Xiaodong, Liu Zi, and Guya Lei, they have starred in the love drama "The Century Not Love"

In the Republic of China’s love drama "Spring to Spring and Spring", she plays Ren Jieer who is gentle and pleasant.

These are small characters, and they are constantly running the dragon.

However, unlike ordinary mass actors, as a dragon set signed by Huayi Company, Zhao Liying does not lack the opportunity to run a dragon suit, let alone take a lot of youth for each drama.

The premise of success must work hard to pay more sweat and tears than ordinary people.

However, we only noticed the ending, but we did not notice the starting point and direction.

We only noticed Zhao Liying’s education, but did you notice that she entered the entertainment industry?

She is not a mass actor in the common category.

We only noticed her desperate, noticing the strict requirements of herself in each scene, and noticing the soul chicken soup on the Internet.

But have you noticed that she was behind the injury to the filming.

In that horse riding from the horse’s back, it was originally a substitute, but Zhao Liying refused to use a stand -in.

The results of it?

As seen in the picture above, the scars left behind and the damage to the bones are all we can’t see.

Perhaps the actor does not have to go to personally, but if you want to become popular, you want to get forward, then you are just one of the conditions.

Everyone who floats or north drifting wants to be the next Zhao Liying.

Dreaming of standing in the entertainment industry, becoming popular, then getting popular, and then meeting the person who loves yourself, and then …

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