Zhao Benshan’s daughter’s ball official announced the good news of pregnancy. It has been more than three months, covering her face to make a look of fat and round

On July 16th, Zhao Benshan’s daughter’s ball was officially officially announced to be pregnant: "The reason for stopping the broadcast, the ball is a mother!"

As early as July 14, the ball recorded video said that her live broadcast and cargo anniversary was postponed to July 29. It was said that this was also her last live broadcast of this year.The activities of the field may change a way and live a life, the reason will be told you slowly.In the short film, the ball clothes are loose and the blessing is very obvious. Many netizens speculate that the reason for the ball to stop broadcasting should be pregnant.

Today, the small ball reveals the mystery.She said that because of her bad physical condition, she just made a beauty with a beauty last month.She also analyzed what problems had her body had with her husband.Later, she saw a fan in the comment area that "the ball was pregnant recently." Then she went to the hospital for examination: "I didn’t expect, I’m pregnant!"

The ball is wearing a simple white T, paired with a loose LV strap skirt, tied two twist braids, and holding a large knitting ball in his arms to cover the pregnant belly.Although the face of the ball is a lot compared to before, it is still very beautiful in general.

The ball said that when I first knew the news of pregnancy, I felt very anxious.Later, her mother and friend told her that pregnant her baby was very happy during the honeymoon.It has been pregnant for more than 3 months and the situation has been stable, so I will share this good news with everyone.

The pregnancy reaction of the ball is very strong, and symptoms such as back pain, leg pain, and vomiting in the early stages of pregnancy.She said that when she lived in the past, she has always been desperate models. The large -scale live broadcast is 12 hours of base for a short time. She has created a series of live broadcast for 72 hours, slept for 3 hours at night, and then continues to live broadcast records.Such a work intensity will cause unexpected risks to her body and family. Therefore, the ball decides to cancel all the major live broadcasts after July 29.

There are also a lot of tangles in the ball. After so many years of struggle, I finally had a large -scale company, and realized the dream of being a boss when I was a child.She doesn’t want to give up what she likes like this.Therefore, she will do some small or midfield live broadcasts according to her physical condition.

Ball and boyfriend Xiao Chen met in love in 2019. In 2021, he publicly loved and held a proposal ceremony.The man’s hometown is also born in Shenyang. He was born in 1990 and was 7 years older than the ball. He returned to China to develop after studying in Australia.The ball denied that her husband was a rich second generation, but also said that the opponent had achieved wealth freedom by his own struggle.

On February 14 this year, the ball and Xiao Chen officially received a certificate.Considering the impact on his father, the two decided not to hold a wedding ceremony, but traveling to get married.After getting married, the ball has been busy live broadcast. Until late April, the couple went to Australia together for a honeymoon.It was also during this trip that the ball was unexpectedly pregnant.Congratulations!

Not long ago, the ball and Xiao Chen held a thank -you banquet in Beijing and Shenyang, respectively, and only invited both relatives and friends and the teachers of the ball to participate.

The ball previously revealed in the live broadcast that during the thank you feast, he did not wear a wedding dress, nor the best man and bridesmaid.

She also said that her mother prepared a lot of dowry for her. My brother Niu Niu gave her a big red envelope. The day before the wedding, the father took the dowry out. This gift made her feel very surprised.It also emphasized that what Dad gave her was not cash, not real estate, nor equity, nor was it a private jet.Although fans have repeatedly asked, the ball did not disclose what gifts Dad gave.

Shortly after the ball was announced, the short film was shared with the thank -you banquet scene held in Shenyang.When speaking, the ball burst into tears.It means that you will be better and more stable as your parents expect.

The ball mother choked and thanked the relatives and friends who were present, thanked the ball teachers for their training, so that her daughter grew so well.Thank you for your love, and thank your friends for your blessings.

In a 2 minutes and 51 -second video, the ball did not shot his father.However, the sharp -eyed netizens still found half a shoulder and vaguely visible white hair.It seems that Uncle Benshan is going to the end.

The ball of the dragon and phoenix’s brother Niu Niu’s speech is the most moving: "Although I got along with my sister for a long time, I am now lacking communication because of work.Call your brother, your brother will arrive in two minutes! "

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