Zhao Benshan’s daughter is pregnant?Walking on the waist and upper steps, I was just proposed a month ago

At the end of last month, Zhao Jiaxuan, the daughter of Zhao Benshan, publicly announced that she had agreed to her boyfriend’s proposal and sprinkled a lot of dog food. From Zhao Jiaxuan announced that there was a blind date to promise to propose, it was only half a year.The speed is too fast, and recently, Zhao Jiaxuan has been supporting his waist because of walking when he attended the event, and was suspected of being pregnant by netizens.

It is reported that Zhao Jiaxuan went to the anniversary of a net celebrity that day, and was quite low -key.As soon as she got off the car, Zhao Jiaxuan held her waist. It was obvious that she could see that she was walking unstable, and the upper step was a bit strenuous.

After walking in the house, Zhao Jiaxuan covered her belly with her left hand, as if she was protecting something, and be careful about her belly.

When netizens saw this video, they speculated that Zhao Jiaxuan walked his waist and touched his belly. Is it already pregnant?

It is reported that in last month, Zhao Jiaxuan first publicly disclosed her boyfriend and accepted her boyfriend’s proposal. Just one month later, Zhao Jiaxuan was suspected of getting pregnant and had to admire the progress of the two.

After having a boyfriend, Zhao Jiaxuan showed affection from time to time. You can see that the man’s face is not too handsome in close shooting, but the overall temperament is still very good.Moreover, Zhao Jiaxuan said that her boyfriend’s family was very ordinary, not online boyfriend is a rich second generation.She said that she should take the next step after marriage. I plan to see parents at the end of the year. If I am pregnant, I guess the parents’ schedule will be arranged forward.

At present, Zhao Jiaxuan’s focus is still on his career. Even the wedding thinks how to make money. In the celebrity circle, many people use the wedding to do activities.After the brand told his father Zhao Benshan, Zhao Benshan rejected it again and again, and he was breath to hypertension.Maybe Uncle Benshan does not want her daughter to commercialize the wedding, or she wants her daughter to be warm.

However, there is still a period of time from getting married. It is the most important thing to make money together now.After Zhao Jiaxuan’s boyfriend was released, he also started to run with Zhao Jiaxuan. With the reputation of Zhao Jiaxuan, her boyfriend was also very good when attending the event.

Watching Zhao Jiaxuan showed up with her boyfriend, some people felt that the man ate the woman’s soft rice, but in fact Zhao Jiaxuan explained the live broadcast before the marriage. He was a neighbor with himself in order to chase himself in order to chase himself.

Later, during the live broadcast, Zhao Jiaxuan also revealed that the man had achieved financial freedom and had two houses, so there was no so -called soft rice.

As the daughter of Zhao Benshan, Zhao Jiaxuan has always been controversial. Zhao Benshan’s achievements always make people feel that Zhao Jiaxuan has a good father, and she has nothing to worry about in this life.But in fact, Zhao Jiaxuan rarely came into contact with his father’s career, but stood in the net red circle with his own efforts.

Today, Zhao Jiaxuan’s career love has a good harvest, and the progress of her boyfriend is also smooth. I believe that the two can quickly become a positive result.As for pregnancy, just wait for both parties to respond!

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