You must pay attention to seeing red in the middle of pregnancy.

What color is red before giving birth

Seeing red is generally caused by the fetal membrane and the uterine wall at the inner mouth of the cervix, and the capillaries are caused by rupture and bleeding.At the end of the menstrual period, the color is often tea brown, pink, bright red, etc.Like the feeling of menstruation, it will not stop blood flow. Compared with menstruation, the amount of bleeding is less.Blood and mucus are mixed and sticky. In general, it appears 24 hours before the pain.Generally speaking, the pain will begin in 24 hours after seeing the redness in the third trimester, and it will enter the childbirth stage, so the pregnant woman should immediately lie on the hospital and give birth to the hospital immediately.

What color is red in the middle of pregnancy

Seeing a small amount of bleeding and abdominal falling in the middle of pregnancy, because this symptom often occurs in the middle of pregnancy, and the mother does not feel strong uterine contraction, the pain is not obvious.Blood is dark red or tan, and it can also be a small amount of brown discharge.The amount of bleeding is different, and generally increased from a small amount, with blisters in the blood.Before a large amount of vaginal hemorrhage, hemorrhage and blisters in the factor increased and increased, so that the uterus was expanded rapidly, so there is often abdominal persistent pain.

Precautions for seeing red in the middle of pregnancy

Pay attention

Maintain regular bowel habits, do not excessive force during bowel movements.Drink plenty of water and eat more fiber food.Do mild exercises every morning and evening, such as walking, gymnastics, etc.Avoid spicy and dry food.Moreover, the continuous constipation in pregnancy can easily cause hemorrhoids; coupled with the increased uterus with increased pregnancy, it will compress the anus, hinder blood circulation, cause blood stasis and cause hemorrhoids.To avoid hemorrhoids, you must first prevent constipation.

Exercise in an appropriate amount

You can do pregnant women’s exercises. It is best to arrange exercise in the morning and evening. It is generally not suitable to eat before doing exercises. It is best to do it on an empty stomach.Eat 30 minutes after exercise.If you feel hungry, you can eat some light food about 1 hour before exercise.When doing exercises, you should bare your feet. The clothes should be wide, and you can also play some relaxed music.

On -time inspection

Pre-delivery examination on time, check once a month before 7 months of pregnancy; check every 2-3 weeks after 7 months; check the due date, check it once a week to understand whether the fetal position is normal, whether the pregnancy complications occur, etc., So as to be able to discover early, correct early, so as not to be unexpected.

Proper sexual life

At 4-6 months of pregnancy, although it is not strictly restricted to sex, there must be restraint.Because your pregnancy reaction has passed at this time, your mood has begun to become comfortable.Sexual organ secretions have also increased, which is a period of high sexy. Therefore, sexual life can be appropriately lived.However, we must also pay attention to the position and time of sexual life to avoid the impact on the fetus.

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