You don’t understand the risk factors during pregnancy. Pre -delivery depression is likely to affect newborns

The previous article talked about postpartum depression. What we have to pay attention to is the depression during pregnancy, especially the depression and anxiety of the late pregnancy.

Depression itself is one of the most common complications during pregnancy, which seriously affects the health of women and even fetuses during pregnancy.Medical research by scholars in my country shows that the incidence of depression during pregnancy is 18.4%[1], and a national survey in the United States shows that the probability of severe depression during pregnancy is 7%[2].So what kind of pregnant women are more likely to suffer from depression?Simply sorting out several risk factors that are prone to cause depression during pregnancy:

History of depression before giving birth, personality characteristics that are easy to anxious, emergencies or accidental pregnancy, life pressure, including economic pressure or emotional pressure (divorce), domestic violence, childhood negative events, and once suffered from physical and/or or or or or or or or inThe experience of sexual abuse, poor social support systems, lack of communication with husbands, or dissatisfaction with husband, the weight gain during pregnancy is too fast, and the history of miscarriage was used in a single or even multiple times.

Pregnant women with too fast weight

It is like a maternal spirit and physical health than postpartum depression, and prenatal depression affects more babies’ spirit and physical health.For example, the most common impact, prenatal depression will affect the appetite and nutritional status of pregnant women, and it is easy to cause loss of appetite, so that the fetus carried by pregnant women also has malnourcing.EssenceFor example, there is a retrospective study of 214 pregnant women in the United States that depression is related to the low birth weight of newborns [3].

Low weight

Preparatory depression is also related to whether breastfeeding can be carried out. This is not only about whether depression is taking drugs for treatment, but also because negative emotions such as anxiety and depression often affect the milk secretion of the maternal milk. In the end, it is likely to become martial arts.The fundamental cause of breastfeeding.

In addition, a number of medical preview studies have shown that prenatal depression is related to neonatal development and damage to daily behavior. For example, children produced in maternal producing depression during pregnancy are often manifested as a high degree of sensitivity to external stimuli, and moreIt is easy to be frightened or trembling [4], or the speed of response to the external stimulus after falling asleep is significantly reduced, there is difficulty in waking [4], or simply manifested as low potassium, and the muscle tension of the limbs or torso decreases reduction.The phenomenon [5], depression during the birth is also confirmed to be confirmed by the baby’s excessive crying, and even the more depressed mother’s baby crying lasts significantly greater than the lady with lower depression or no depression [6]Essence

Excessive crying newborn

The intervention mechanism for prenatal depression is also not suitable for taking medicine. It is mainly based on psychotherapy. Like the postpartum depression introduced in the previous article, you can conduct prenatal health education. You can choose cognitive behavior treatment.You can choose a righteous thoughts that have been widely used in Europe and the United States in recent years.For example, orthodontic decompression therapy, righteous thought therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, etc., especially the decompression of mindfulness, is very effective for prenatal depression patients during pregnancy.

The so -called righteous thoughts are a kind of awareness that is based on the attention of the current things and the way that does not judge.For example, based on the treatment of righteous thoughts and the treatment of righteous thoughts, it can help pregnant women feel the joy of the initial mother by perceiving the connection between the fetus and her own, and ultimately effectively improve the negative emotions of the anxiety and depression of pregnant women.

Righteous thoughts

Emerging pregnancy yoga is also a good choice. Unlike ordinary yoga, pregnancy yoga does not force the standards and specifications of movements, but pays more attention to comfortable position and smooth breathing.Improve the role of emotion.

Yoga and meditation during pregnancy

Music therapy is often recommended in the treatment of depression in hospital treatment, because soothing music itself has the effect of relaxing, and with the help of the therapist, music therapy can effectively make pregnant women feel relaxed and happy, and then thenMelieve depression symptoms [7].

Music treatment of pregnant women

Preparatory depression is no less than the incidence of postpartum depression, and just as our postpartum depression is not widely valued, prenatal depression is even more ignored and forgotten.Postpartum depression is the life of the mother, and prenatal depression affects the health and life of the baby.As an important issue that is related to babies and a whole family, it should be paid attention to and early intervention.I hope that our women are far away from depression in both before and after childbirth, embrace a healthy life, and hope that our children will always be healthy.

Embrace a healthy life


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