You can’t cut your hair during pregnancy, otherwise the fetal treasure will "male change"?Bao Ma: I want to shave my head

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What can you do when you are supervised during pregnancy?Many people who came here said that the most free stage was pregnancy. Someone managed themselves at all times. If they did not listen to persuasion, they might be scared by some words.

The expectant mother Xiao Hui was very distressed during her pregnancy. She started to be exhausted all day in about 4 months of pregnancy. Her long hair and waist were very beautiful.Although she was reluctant, she had been determined to go to the barber shop for short hair for a long time.

Coincidentally, just that day, she was about to go out and came. I heard that Xiaohui’s move quickly stopped her: "Pregnant women can’t cut their hair"!

Xiaohui felt that her mother -in -law was too nervous, but she couldn’t worry about the reason.At first, the reason given by her mother -in -law was that if she was pregnant with a boy, cutting her hair would make the child "male change", especially when she did not show a great impact.

Although Xiao Hui does not understand the deep scientific principles, it is not reliable to think about this statement carefully. Otherwise, the mother who wants to have a girl to cut her hair will not solve the problem?But when her mother -in -law’s "blessing" would be cut off, she hesitated.

About 6 months of pregnancy, her hair made her more and more uncomfortable. Helplessly asked the experience of the person in Bao Ma, causing a mother to laugh.The mother -in -law said that she also believed what the old man at home said, and found that they were just scaring people.

Whether you can cut your hair after pregnancy is normal.The reason why the elderly do not let pregnant women cut their hair may not look reliable, but they also indirectly prevent expectant mothers from being harmed.

Because most people go to the barber shop to cut their hair, scissors, towels and other tools are public, it does not matter, but for mothers, there are more bacteria, and some diseases may be infected, which will affect the fetus.

In addition, there are many people in the barber shop dyeing hair and perm, and expectant mothers will more or less contact chemicals, which is also dangerous for the fetus.The last time I was sitting in my haircut for a long time, and the expectant mother was too tired.

In summary, expectant mothers can cut their hair during pregnancy. As long as they notice the above risk factors, it is no problem. There are many benefits to cut their hair appropriately during pregnancy.

The mother who chatted with Xiaohui said that if she had a chance to choose, she couldn’t wait to shave her head, but unfortunately, she was sinned so much during pregnancy.Moms do not have to be too tangled. It is really good to cut the hair properly during pregnancy.

▼ The expectant mother cuts her hair properly, it is not easy to catch a cold

After washing long hair, I do n’t like to do it, and many expectant mothers do n’t dare to use a hair dryer during pregnancy, so I have to wipe with a towel for a long time after washing my hair for a long time.Don’t say sore arms, it’s easy to catch a cold with wet hair for too long.

The expectant mother does not have to shave her head, even if the short hair on the shoulders is easier than the long hair of the waist, this is important.

▼ Specific mothers cut short hair and take care of it

Women who have long hair must cherish their hair. Usually, a long hair can comb into various styles to add points to the image, but it becomes a sweet burden during pregnancy.During pregnancy, it is easy to get tired and inadequate, and long hair will spend longer in style and cleaning.

▼ Avoid suddenly launching too late to cut hair

Many women are just unwilling to cut their hair short when they are pregnant, but they will still be cut off when the due date is about to be almost reached.

However, the specific production is often uncontrollable, so the expectant mothers who want to cut their hair try to avoid the baby’s mobilization before the due date, and it is difficult to cut the hair to confine.

Mother Candy Mom said in my heart:

The hair will not grab nutrients with the baby in the stomach, and cut the hair correctly and safely on the baby will not have a negative impact on the baby.Whether to cut hair during pregnancy is the freedom of expectant mothers. You do n’t have to worry about the various remarks of others, or you are forced to change your decision.

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