You can try these two methods during pregnancy.

What should I do if the belly is long and belly?

Many Baoma is particularly worried about the stretch marks of the president of pregnancy, and I have told everyone before.The stretch marks are more of the prevention of pregnancy. Once it grows, it is really difficult to eliminate it. It is difficult to eliminate it through routinely applying various oils.That’s really long.What method can this pattern be diluted and disappeared?You must rely on professional medical beauty.

Today, Director Zhuang will tell you how to eliminate the stretch marks that appear in the bottom of the postpartum?Generally, you can choose a lattice laser or a golden microcotential to stimulate collagen to regenerate, and then play a tightening role.

Generally speaking, what kind of treatment effect can our red pattern or white pattern achieve?

Both gold microneedles or laser laser need to be treated multiple times, and it may take about 5 treatments.It takes 3-5 times to treat according to her weight.Generally, red is relatively fresh. It is an acute period.At this time, we recommend some gold microneedles.

If it is white, it is already an old injury relative to her.

This damage can be treated both.However, the treatment of gold microneedles is relatively deeper stimulation. It is relatively effective, and it will be better, which is better than dot laser.And its damage may actually be faster.How long do you recommend coming and going after giving birth?Is it possible to do it during breastfeeding?Or do you have any recommended time points nodes?Generally, I think that some medical beauty can be treated after about 2 months of postpartum recovery.After all, she is this acute period or has not just appeared for too long, will her effect be better?

In fact, we think of it as a spots. The acute period of the spots has not helped it recover in her recovery period, which may be better.

So if you are unfortunately full of her long lines, you can try some medical beauty projects to help her to relieve light patterns after 2 months after giving birth.There is no great effect.Understand.

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