Yin Yin medicine: lily

"Northern Window" (Song. Lu You)

Er Cong Xiang Lily, a fan of Changchun.

Kangxiao Guitang is old, and he doesn’t remember poverty.

The poet Lu You was a poem by the poet, and Lu You was accompanied by the flower fragrance.Lily has been loved by many people since ancient times.In fact, the name "lily" is not only a kind of fragrant ornamental flower, but also a common medicine for medicine and food on the table. At the same time, it is also an important Chinese medicine.

Chinese medicine lily was first published in "Shennong Materia Medica", which is listed as a Chinese product, which is called "the master and evil qi and abdomen, heartache, prosperity, and nourishing qi";Full, cold and heat, pain in the body, difficulty, laryngeal paralysis, and tears.The "Materia Medica" is called "Soning and Mid -Chinese Medicine".

"Compendium of Materia Medica": "The roots of lilies are also combined with petals, or the cloud specializes in treating lily diseases, hence the name." Alias has Zhongfenghua, heavy box, Moro, white lily, night lily, garlic potato, white flower lily.

Lily Sydney Drink: 10g of lily, 1 big Sydney, 10g of rock sugar.Wash the lily, peel and nuclear Sydney, cut into small pieces, add water, add water, rock sugar, boil, and small fire for 60 minutes.Drink soup, food lily, pear.Nourish the heart and soothe, moisturize the lungs and relieve cough.For cardiopulmonary yin deficiency, less annoyance, less dry cough, less phlegm, and throat and dryness.

Lily porridge: 30g of lilies, 60g of japonica rice.First wash the lily and rice, put it in the pot, add water, and cook with low heat.When lily and japonica rice are rotten, add an appropriate amount of sugar to eat.Raise yin and lungs, clear the heart and soothe the nerves.It is very suitable for the elderly and who are weak and upset with insomnia, low fever and irritability.In addition, adding Tremella in lily porridge, it is used to nourish yin and lungs; adding lotus seeds has the effect of nourishing yin and clearing the heart; adding mung beans can strengthen the effect of clearing heart and detoxification.It should be noted that lily porridge is cooked until it is cooked, and the next lily can be cooked.

The Chinese medicine lily is the meat scales of lily plant lilies and fine -leaf lily.Most of the country is produced in Hunan, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other places.For those produced in Xuancheng, Anhui, the best quality, and commodity medicinal materials are called "Xuan Lili".Cultivation or wild.The scale of the family is wide and thin, and the taste is not very bitter;Dig in autumn, wash the soil, peel the scales, put it slightly in boiling water, roast or dry.No odor, slightly bitter.It is better to use the louder, yellow and white, strong quality, and small tendons.For use, it can also be cooked.

This product is sweet and cold.Better and lung meridians.It has the effects of nourishing yin and lungs, clearing the heart and soothing.

Note: 1) This product is a product of Ganhan Slid. Generally, people with wind and cold cough and cold stools should not be taken.2) Case reports that have allergic reactions in clinical occasional lilies.3) It is found in animal experimental research that lily has a certain teratogenic effect.

"Shennong Materia Medica": "Lily, sweet, flat. Lord and evil qi bloating heartache; lingering, urination, nourishing Zhongyi Qi. Shengchuan Valley."

Lily qi is flat, and the golden gas of Tianqiu is flat, starting with the Taiyin and lung meridians; sweet and non -toxic, getting the earth’s soil taste, and entering the Taiyin spleen meridian.Qi descending taste, yin also.

The lungs are the main qi, and the qi rejuvenation is the heartache of the abdomen.The official of the bladder state, the gasification of the fluid, the main qi of the lungs, and the combination of the large intestine., Gan is the spleen moisturizing, and the fluid of the spleen stomach is convenient.The spleen is Zhongzhou.

System: Lily, Baiyan, licorice, and muste, the losses are the same.Also known to be mother, Bupleurum, bamboo leaves, cure cold and heat, and pain.Tong Ophiopogon, Wuwei, Baiyi, Licorice, tonic qi.Tongbaiji, Baihu, front of the car, and mulberry, cure the puffy puff.

Playing lily’s mother’s soup, you can see sweat, you can hurt your qi, and fight the qi, in order to eliminate thirst and heat.Playing Lily Dai Soup, you can see the blood under the blood, and the evil beats the blood, which is also hot in the blood.Playing lily chicken soup, you can see vomiting and hurt.Playing Lily Dihuang Decoction, you can see that sweating without vomiting, then a hundred veins are aware of his illness, and the qi and blood are biased up and down.What is the so -called hundred veins?"Pingren Meteorological Theory" said: "The name of the stomach is called virtual, and it is under the left milk, and its movement should be coexisting, which is the pulse of the ancestors."Therefore, "I can’t eat it in intention, I can’t lie in silence, I can’t lie, I can’t do it. When I eat or be beautiful, or if I want to smell bad, if there is no cold, if there is no heat," all in my heart, they are all in my heart.Touring and turning discomfort, "bitter mouth, urinating count, body shape is like harmony, and its pulse is micro -count", all the signs of heat and qi (sound concealment) in the heart, the evil belly of this case is full of heartache, and the cover is covered with the symbolic festival.For those who have always governed the law, the law is always a lily, but the heart is not arbitrary to suffer evil, and the heart is the evil disturbance.Today, evil is blocked without falling, and the lungs are not able to descend. Therefore, if you want to get a healing period, it is urgent to test your urine.The head, that is, if you want to go down, there is a reason first, then the lungs are not drooping, and the support of the qi will not fall.The discomfort in the head is three -class, the most, the most, it is painful, and the second is not painful, and the second is fast due to urination.The shallowness is very slightly slightly slightly, but it is not as good as the palm.In conjunction with Lily Dihuang Decoction, "the stool bento is like paint." Lily talc dispersed: "If the micro -profit is stopped, the heat is removed."The purpose of "!The evil of the Lily is Yu Xie, and it is often after sweating.The evil rule by lily is the evil and evil, so that its losses are still under the fundamental.The nature of lily, from the horizontal downward, in shape.The use of lilies can make sputum saliva in the fluid, and the foam of its stains with its stains, that is, "Do not record" the so -called "remove edema, swelling, fullness, cold and heat, painful body pain, milk difficulty, throat paralysis, throat paralysis, throat paralysis, throat paralysis"He Mofei blocked the lung qi, and could not go down.Top tears, and it is not possible to go up!Lily can do everything.

The interpretation of the name of lily’s disease in the "Jin Kuang Etarios" was mostly related to Chinese medicine lily.One is represented by Wei Nianting and believes that lily cure the disease has special effects, so it is named after the medicine; one is represented by Wu Yan and believes that lily ratio is like a hundred pulses, that is, "lily, one hundred petals, one hundred, like a hundred pulse, one pulse, one pulse, one pulse, one pulse, one pulse one, one hundred pulses, one pulse, one pulse, one pulse, one pulse, one pulse, one pulse, one pulse, one pulse, one pulse, one pulse, one pulse, one pulse, one pulse, one pulse, one pulse, one pulse, one pulse, one pulse, one pulse, one pulse, one pulse, one pulse one, one hundred pulses, one pulse one, one pulse one, one pulse one, one pulse one, one pulse one, one a hundred pulses, one pulse one, one pulse one, one pulse one, one pulse one, one pulse one, one pulse one, one pulse one, one pulse one a oneZong, naming the rule, all this is the right. "The two have their own opinions and are not contradictory. Generally, Wei’s opinions are more appropriate.The diseased machine of lily disease is mostly caused by cardiopulmonary yin deficiency internal fever.Due to the main god of the heart, the lungs and the main festival, the heart and lung yin deficiency, and the damage of the pulse, the gods cannot be autonomous, and there is no right to treat the festival.And the first medicine of the lilies and the lungs, sweet and cold, the function nourishes the yin of the heart and lungs, and can calm the heart and calm the nerves.Modern clinical studies believe that the symptoms of lily disease are comparable to neurasthenia in modern medicine and neuropathy.At the same time, in modern clinical drugs, the treatment of lily for these diseases often receives satisfactory results.It can be seen from the above that the relationship between Chinese medicine lily and lily disease is very close.

Both raw products and honey -boiled lily water liquid liquid solution have antitussive and expectorant effects; lily water liquid has sedative, anti -hypoxia and anti -fatigue effects; lily polysaccharides can also anti -oxidation, improve immune function, reduce tetraraidine, and reduce high hydrates.Blood glucose model mice’s blood glucose; lily alcohol extract, ethyl acetate extract, inhibit rattan and microbacteria, Golden Polycin, E. coli, Yulba, Enterococcus, Greenwood, lilequnal extract inhibitoryThe bacteria activity is higher than the Gram -negative bacteria.

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