Yang, take medicine to live in the ICU?What do you need to pay attention to safe medication?

A 40 -year -old woman in Henan was infected with a new crown because she was too panic. As long as she found that she had a fever, she took antipyretics. As a result, her skin was yellow and liver failure. She was urgently sent to the hospital’s ICU to rescue.

Some people also have serious complications due to a cold medicine. For example, there is a woman who ate 7 kinds of cold medicines, which leads to the phenomenon of erythema and pustules throughout the body.

In this special period, many families have also prepared a lot of medicines, but how to take it correctly, it is necessary to know, such as whether even Huaqing Plague and ibuprofen can eat at the same time, which requires everyone’s attention.

Can you eat even the flowers and ibuprofen?

When taking drugs, you must pay attention. You ca n’t take many types of drugs at the same time. You ca n’t have more types. You can use one at a time. If the effect is not good, you can consider it after six hours.Remember not to eat it with a lot of effort, the side effects of many drugs will be accumulated together.

And many drugs have the same ingredients, and many cold medicines are compound preparations. The ingredients contained may be the same as that of a certain drug that have been taken before, resulting in exceeding the standard.Kidney injury.

Do not eat even the flowers of Qinghe and ibuprofen at the same time. Both drugs have an antipyretic effect, so usually take one.

What should I do if I accidentally infected?

First drink plenty of water and rest more

Because drinking plenty of water can relieve high fever, you can also maintain the liquid capacity of the body. Resting can make your body fight well with the virus, so these two points are important.

Actively supplement nutrition

After infection, the body needs to fight with the virus. The main component of the antibody antibody against the virus is protein, so you can eat meat as much as possible after infection.

Do not eat frequently

Note that taking medicines can not only eat a lot at the same time, but also cannot be used frequently. Even if it is high, it will need to be used for 4–6 hours. Everyone must pay attention.

What do you need to pay attention to safe medication?

1. Anymoid can not take medicine without medicine

Many people want to take medicine to prevent them in advance. In fact, cold medicines, cough medicines, and antipyretics cannot prevent diseases, but they can relieve symptoms after illness.In the early stage without symptoms, it is best not to take the medicine blindly.

Because many drugs use improper use of side effects, it is easy to cause damage to liver and kidney function.If you want to take medicine, it is also recommended to follow the instructions or consult a professional doctor.

2. Western medicine antipyretics and Chinese medicine cold medicine should not be taken at the same time as much as possible

If you take some cold medicines of Chinese medicines, try not to take an additional fever medicine for western medicine, because these Chinese medicines already have an antipyretic components.Condition of kidney injury.

Similarly, when taking western medicine antipyretics, try to choose one, and do not take both at the same time.When you use ibuprofen to reduce fever, it is best to take it once every 6 hours, and the medication does not exceed 4 times a day.Acetamine can also be reused every 4-6 hours, and it does not use more than 4 times a day.

For special groups, such as pregnant women, babies, and elderly people need to be cautious, they need to strictly abide by the instructions or consult a professional doctor before taking it.

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