Yang Mi Zhang Ziyi Li Ronghao’s diet to lose weight. How can I really lose weight?

Recently, the news about the entertainment industry about celebrities to lose weight is very lively: When Yang Mi recording the "I want to go to the Spring Festival Gala" show, there is a link that everyone is tasting the rice noodles. When she did not sweep the camera, Yang Mi did not have any action to eat.Just in the enthusiastic chat, when the camera was given directly to Yang Mi, she helplessly ate a rice noodle.Instantly, the whole net fryer is right, but it is too exaggerated to lose weight, but it is too exaggerated.

In fact, there are many examples of stars diet to lose weight.One day Zhang Ziyi, who was fighting in Cannes, only ate four sketch noodles in front of the camera.

Miss Yang Zi had to be tangled for a long time when eating white water.

Li Ronghao succeeded in slimming for 16 pounds a month, and see what to eat?It’s ruthless to yourself.sigh!Intersection

The reality is that no girl does not mention weight loss.70 pounds said that he was fat, 80 pounds also said that he was fat, and 90 pounds also said that he was fat.What do you do if you let our vast 120 pounds do?Do you really can’t eat weight loss?The girl takes you to reveal, how to really lose weight!IntersectionIntersection(Focus)

how to eat

In fact, ordinary people do not have to do so extreme as much as celebrities.A healthier diet can be used to replace the usual overeating.

1. A small amount of meals (five to six meals a day), and one meal cannot be saved.The premise of more meals is to eat less, which means that the total amount of food intake of food in the day is unchanged, but it has changed from the original three meals to more meals.

2. Eat less high -fat foods, but it must still include a small amount of good fat.Eating can be calculated according to calories, reducing the calorie intake of the three meals, and dividing the reduced calories into the meal. This is more recommended to eat some low -calorie foods during meals.However, fat helps to provide calories and protects human internal organs. A moderate amount of fat can make the skin smooth and make the muscles more flexible. However, excessive saturated fat can increase cholesterol and cause various chronic diseases., So there must be less at the same time.

3. Eat natural foods to avoid exquisite conditioning and processed food.Appropriate coarse grains are more conducive to digestion and absorption and improve the symptoms of constipation.Coarse grains are fine grains such as refined rice white noodles that we usually eat. They mainly include corn, purple rice, sorghum, oats, buckwheat, wheat bran, and various dried beans in the grain.Essence

4. Eat more (complex) carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables.Nutritional balance can also increase satiety.

5. Each meal contains lean protein.Protein should not be eaten more, usually 50-150 grams per meal is almost the same.The main sources of protein foods are: lean meat, deep sea fish, eggs, dairy products; and plant -based proteins include beans, nuts, cereals and other foods.

After seeing so much, I still can’t do well.The stars are struggling to eat, but in winter I still hesitate to eat hot pot and lose weight.Regarding whether you want to eat, the girl tells you a little secret: there is a skill in eating hot pot, you can eat it if you lose weight.

1. Soup base

The choice of the soup base is actually very simple, that is, the soup can be cleared, the lighter, the more beneficial it is.And drinking light soup porridge in winter can nourish yin and lungs, you can get angry!

2. dipping sauce

The dipping sauce can be small, and high heat in high heat such as peanut butter, sesame sauce, sand tea sauce, and oil discs must be avoided.

3. Select vegetable selection

The dishes are mainly vegetables as much as possible, supplemented by seafood and unprocessed lean meat.The proportion of vegetarian and amaranth should be around 3: 1, and the vegetables are healthy and delicious.Vegetables try to choose green vegetables with leaves.

Drink soup before brushing vegetables, because the nitrite content in it after a long time is relatively high. It is combined with the protein split in the stomach to form a nitrosamine that is easy to cause cancer.

You can refer to the lady after eating 00!

How to practice

Is it only that it is thin and good -looking, and it is not possible. The two large -size stars abroad have successively harvested a happy marriage, and the fat people have spring.190 catties of large size model Ashley shared the joy of pregnancy in the near future.I am also envious of individuals.The key is to be healthy!

Exercise is a key step in healthy weight loss.Zhang Tianai tama, squatting, and even when applying for makeup, even when applying the mask.No wonder the figure is so good!

The girl recommends a set of weight loss training that can be easily completed using rope skipping!

First, prepare a skipping rope.The point is here, what should I do if I don’t skip the rope?Don’t worry, you can do it.

1. Use your favorite rope -skipping method to make a warm -up of 60 seconds first.

2. Squats, stretching thigh muscle groups.

3. Squat, alternate left and right, 10 times each.

4. Step sideways.

5. Bey flexion after one leg, 15 times on each side.

How about, you can eat hot pot without practicing rope. Learn quickly!Healthy weight loss is a reasonable diet and a lack of appropriate exercise.It must be refused to be unhealthy thin, stable and continuous health is the most needed state of the body.Have you learned it?

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