Xu Ruohuan’s diarrhea needs to be cautious during medicine during pregnancy

Xu Ruohuan took a big belly on social networking sites on March 20 and exposed that he was pregnant.Last night, she took a picture of hanging salt water and revealed that she was sick and was resting in bed.Fans have left messages hope that Xu Ruohuan can recover soon.

Xu Ruohuan’s diarrhea needs to be cautious during medicine during pregnancy

According to Hong Kong media reports, Xu Ruohuan took a big belly photo on social networking sites on March 20, and exposed his own pregnancy.Last night, she took a picture of hanging salt water and revealed that she was sick: "Are you okay? I have n’t been good in the past two days, I have eaten things that are not fresh, spit and diarrhea … Continue to bed in bed!I ca n’t be active, I am very good now, Iron V can not fly for the time being, I heard that gastrointestinal viruses have been popular recently! Everyone also pays attention to health! Netizens have commented on a message and yelled, hoping that Xu Ruoyi can recover soon.

Can medication during pregnancy?Reasonable medication is safe

During pregnancy, the problem of medication has always been very troubled to pregnant mummy. This is not only related to the health of pregnant mummy, but also the safety of the baby in the stomach.Some pregnant moms are concerned about medication during pregnancy, and even refuse to take all drugs, so that they will misunderstand the condition.There is also a type of pregnant mothers who choose to use drugs and blindly, resulting in unreasonable use of drugs, causing fetal malformations or abortion, which will cause great harm to their physical and mental.

General principle of medication during pregnancy

Whether you use medicine during pregnancy can be summarized in one sentence- "Try not to take medicine, but don’t completely resist the drugs." Because only a few drugs are proven to be completely safe for pregnant women and fetuses.However, this is not to say that pregnant women must not use medicine, because pregnant women are sick, and the baby cannot be spared to be affected.Therefore, the correct approach is that before you take any drug, whether it is prescription or non -prescription medicine, you must consult your doctor and treat your doctor strictly.

What should I pay attention to during different pregnancy?

Whether the medication during pregnancy will affect the fetus, which is mainly related to the number of weeks, drugs, dosage and medication time of pregnancy.The sensitivity of drugs in different periods is very different.

1-2 weeks of pregnancy: The effect of drugs on the embryo is "all or none", that is, either has no effect, or affects abortion, and generally does not cause fetal malformations, so when you don’t know if you are pregnant or in the early stages of pregnancy or whether you are pregnant or in the early pregnancy orTaking drugs during early pregnancy generally does not have much impact on the fetus. You don’t have to worry too much, and you don’t have to do artificial abortion.

3-8 weeks of pregnancy: It is 5-10 weeks of menopause. It is called the sensitive period of teratogenic. It is a period of differentiation of the organs of embryos. It is easily affected by external factors such as drugs and caused fetal malformations.General health products, nourishing medicines.If you need to take medicine, you must be careful and safe under the guidance of a doctor.And you can conduct B -ultrasound at 12 weeks of pregnancy to learn more about the growth and development of the fetus and exclude whether the fetus has malformations.

In the middle and late pregnancy: During this period, the fetal organs were basically differentiated and continued to grow.The possibility of drug deformity is greatly reduced.

Before childbirth: Special attention should be paid to expectant mothers in the last week, because when the fetus becomes a newborn, the metabolic system in the body is not perfect, and the drug cannot be quickly and effectively eliminated quickly. The drug may accumulate in the baby’s body.

What a warm reminder: Pregnant mother is sick, you must see a doctor, using drugs reasonably and safely is the best treatment plan; do not take medicine by yourself. Whether it is Chinese medicine or western medicine, internal or external use, you must consult the doctor.Doctor -oriented treatment.

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