Xie Na is about to declare the second child!The daughter’s nickname is "Little Bud", which is taken by her sister jumping

On September 11th, Xie Na resumed work, and officially announced that she had given birth to a second daughter, exposing her little name "Little Bud".

This time Xie Na mentioned the second child after giving birth. From Xie Na from Xuan Xuan’s pregnancy to the smooth production. She has been hiding tightly and never disclosed a little news, which once caused controversy.

On January 1 this year, Xie Na was on the social platform and presented the second child and sent New Year’s Day blessings.Later, her husband Zhang Jie forwarded and said that he had begun to name the baby.Soon after the official announcement, Xie Na temporarily retreated to the stage and concentrated on breeding at home.

During this time, some netizens occasionally met Xie Na. At that time, her mother had arrived in Shanghai to accompany her delivery. I saw Xie Na wearing a black long sleeve with a leisurely posture. She was very obvious, about six or seven months.

In mid -May, people familiar with the matter broke the news online, saying that Xie Na had been successfully produced, and the second child was still a girl.People familiar with the matter also revealed that the news was transmitted by Grandpa Xie Na, and there were many online discussions.

Later, netizens encountered Xie Na in Hong Kong. At that time, she was wearing a light -colored skirt and dark jeans.Her husband Zhang Jie was accompanied by her, and the husband and wife were in the same frame.Although I did not see the front, according to the fans, the clothes they wore in the photo had appeared at the airport earlier. It can be seen that the photo is me.

The news that the second child produced women kept fermenting on the Internet. Xie Na and Zhang Jie never responded. It was not until the end of August that Xie Na officially announced the return that everyone was able to confirm that the second child was a daughter.

Now that Xie Na is on her so fast, everyone is very concerned about her recent situation. He Yan personally asked Xie Na in person, hoping that she could report to the audience, and Xie Na revealed the real situation of the second child.The daughter’s name was Xiao Yanba, and she was taken by her sister. When she talked about her daughter, Xie Na couldn’t hide her excitement with happiness.

When He Yan asked the two sisters’ feelings for her sister, Xie Na teased "Ok", and there was a laugh at the scene.In order to protect her daughter’s privacy, Xie Na didn’t talk about others, but from the smile on her face, it can be seen how happy it is to become the mother of the three little princesses.

Congratulations to Xie Na again!

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