Xiang Zuo’s girlfriend officials and pregnant!At the age of 38, the second child is unwell, and has a daughter with the wealthy businessman

Actress is pregnant again!

On September 30th, Xiang Zuo’s ex -girlfriend Huang Wanpei Xuanhuai Xuanhuai had a second child. She and the wealthy businessman of Singapore had a baby daughter before. This time, the second child was 38 years old. It seems that the couple’s relationship is very good.

It is reported that Huang Wanpei was disclosed in an interview with a Singaporean reporter.

In the interview, she said that the couple had always wanted to add a younger brother or sister to her daughter Cara, and let them grow up together. This time, she and her husband just stayed at home, so she was pregnant naturally.Essence

She is now 14 weeks pregnant and the due date is in the first quarter of 2021.

Although this is a second child, she has experienced once, but Huang Wanpei was still uncomfortable in the early stages of pregnancy. Sometimes she said that she would affect breathing more.

She also said that her taste after pregnancy has changed greatly. She likes to eat before she has appetite, but if she really wants to eat it at night, she will go to bed directly, and it is a good way.

Huang Wanpei already knew the child’s gender, but did not disclose that she only said that she would save the relevant photos after the checkup, and looked forward to the child’s arrival.

After the news was issued, Huang Yanting took the initiative to expose her account and officially announced the good news. Her good sisters have commented on congratulations.

My sister Huang Wanjun lamented, "I’m going to be an aunt now! Congratulations again", singer Wei Shi and Wei Lan also sent blessings.

In fact, when I mentioned the name Huang Wanpei, everyone felt at most, but if I talked about her legendary emotional experience, it was very impressive.

In the early days of Huang Wanpei, Huang Wanjun, who was in her sister Huang Wanjun, made her debut in Hong Kong. In 2004, she participated in the movie "Death Photo". She also won the nomination of the best new actor actor in the Golden Awards.Since then, the two sisters have played stage dramas and played film and television dramas, like fish in the circle.

Someone may think, why can such a female group that has never been heard still has resources?The main reason may be related to Huang Wanpei.

After her debut, Huang Wanpei said that she was single, but the Hong Kong media revealed that she had already married with the wealthy businessman Chen Jing, and said that the husband who was 21 years older than her had been trying to hold her, let her live in a luxury mansion, buy her to buy her, and buy her to buy her.famous brand.

However, when the news was revealed, Huang Yanting was scandal with Xiang Zuo, and the two were filmed many times.

It didn’t take long for Huang Wanpei to divorce with the wealthy businessman. Subsequently, when the hotel was opened in August 2009, he appeared high -profile with Huang Wanpei with Huang Wanpei and officially opened his relationship.

The two were still very sweet when they fell in love. They often paid double -in. The well -known Gillian Chuan SMS incident occurred during this period. Huang Wanpei told the media that her boyfriend was very good. Some people sent text messages to himself.

After falling in love with Xiang Zuo, Huang Wanpei also went to study and do business. It seemed to have gained too much goodwill, but Xiang Tai always did not admit Huang Wanpei. He also made remarks that he hoped to not get married within ten years, and let Xiang Zuo and Huang Wan Pei break up.

Although it was later compounded, it was still left.

I heard the news of Huang Wanpei, which should be that she and 19 -year -old Singaporean wealthy businessman David Loh got married.

Through friends, the two were preparing to get married after three years of love. Because the business was busy delayed the wedding, it was only held in 2016. The wedding is romantic and luxurious.

The next year they gave birth to a daughter and named Cara. The family lived happily. Huang Wanpei occasionally exposed her daily life. Her husband spoiled her and her daughter was cute.

Now Huang Wanpei is pregnant with the second child she has always wanted, hoping that she can produce smoothly and wish her happier!


Author: Li Xixi

Responsible editor: rap singer Ahuan

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