Xian Suyuan used the pregnancy test stick to test the second child. Tears said that the test tube was hard -handed, and Chen Huatong was relieved.

If you are 46 years old, you will find a young 18 -year -old boy as a husband. Do you want to have a baby?Everyone’s values and marriage concept are different, and they cannot be generalized.At the age of 46, if you marry early, you can already be a grandma.If you look at your personal value, you will not consider having a second child.Xian Suyuan wanted to have a second child. She gave birth to a second child. She was nothing more than her in -laws. Her husband was the only seedlings at home. There was a son inherited the family business.The second aspect also hopes to make her husband more mature through children.Such ideas are undoubtedly tired, just like Zhong Liti also repeatedly stated in front of the camera to give Zhang Lunshuo a son. She is also in her forties.This is the problem of fertility that elderly women who need to face young husbands.

Xian Suyuan really wants to have a second child.She goes out to work every day and gos to the hospital for a test tube.In order to distressed her husband to take care of her daughter at home, Xian Suyuan intends to put her 5 -month -old daughter into a kindergarten.On the road, Xian Suyuan was obviously insufficient, dizzy and vomiting, and she had always appeared in good appetite.She wondered if she was pregnant?

If you are pregnant at this time, you will face two problems.Huizhen was only 5 months old, and Chen Hua had been exhausted. What should I do if the second child is?Chen Hua will inevitably work harder.On the other hand, Huizhen may be sent to kindergarten because of a younger brother and sister.Objectively speaking, Xian Suyuan and Chen Hua had a second child without the help of the elderly and could not afford the nanny, which was not a wise choice.That will only make the lives of the two Zizi even more tired and uncomfortable.The obsession of Xian Suyuan’s second child is really deep.

Xian Suyuan immediately asked Chen Hua to get out of the car to buy a pregnancy inspection stick. After returning home, Chen Xian Su Yuan immediately used the pregnancy test stick to test. As a result, she did not conceive her second child.When Xian Suyuan was tested, Chen Hua hugged her daughter Huizhen and walked around.Chen Hua’s heart is very complicated.He did not want his wife to be pregnant with a second child, because the child was born again, and one has not shot yet, and the other came again.Then his career will definitely be put on hold, and one person really can’t keep up with two physical strength.

Xian Suyuan cried in the show. She called as a test tube with tears, and she was really hard every day.She really wanted to get pregnant soon, but she didn’t expect her to end again.Every month she wants to get pregnant, but it is always disappointing.Sometimes this is the case, especially when there is a child, the more you eager to be pregnant.Instead, it relaxed and became pregnant.Looking at Xian Suyuan’s inexplicable distress, why did she take the second child, so do n’t cherish her body?After all, the age is there, 46 years old, and the functions of all aspects of the ovaries have fallen a lot.

When Chen Hua saw Xian Suyuan’s not conceived, he was obviously relieved.Although he didn’t say it, he felt that he was a long -sightedness across the screen.Especially when he heard others say that he was pregnant, Chen Hua was obviously tired.As his position, he is also understandable. He is more eager to go out to work hard than being a full -time dad at home.Now bringing a baby full -time at home, it is only a suitable measure. It is indeed no one to help bring the baby.His wife Xian Suyuan was a shopkeeper again. He didn’t do it at home. The child rarely brought it and was only responsible for work.Chen Hua has to cook and bring children alone.Over time, men will feel tired.Now that they are married, they must be distributed reasonably in terms of housework and work.

To put it bluntly, Xian Suyuan is a male light and girl.After the same 40 -year -old Qiu Po -hyun gave birth to a son, there was no such trouble.In summary, women in society are really harder than men.In addition to making money at work, you must also be responsible for giving birth to children.Women are always much harder than men.Advise women to cherish their bodies, do not have to fight for their sons, everything is followed.The sons and daughters are just as good.

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