Wu Mengyao was pregnant with a second child to attend the event. The lower abdomen protruded the pregnancy and the pregnancy was full. Generally, she was pregnant for a few months.

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Xun Mengyao announced the good news of the second child on Mother’s Day. She was not idle during the second pregnancy. On May 15th, she attended a brand’s event and showed her pregnant belly for the first time after the second child.

On the day of the event, she wore a tight black suspender dress to clearly see the slightly bulging belly.

From the photo, in addition to the slightly bulging belly, the edema during pregnancy is also obvious, especially the edema of both hands is obvious.

Many netizens have speculated that she has been pregnant for a few months now, because it is obviously obvious, so the pregnancy month should not be small.

First of all, different pregnant women will have individual differences, so there will be differences in the specific pregnancy month.

For example, pregnant women with more abdominal fat before can see that the pregnant belly is earlier;

For another example, the pregnant mother of the second child is earlier than the first child pregnant mother, because the elasticity of the abdominal skin at the second child is not as good as the tire;

Therefore, whether it is related to the month of pregnancy, it may also have something to do with factors such as pre -pregnancy body type, fetal, and fetal bed.

Many pregnant mothers have heard the saying of "concealing three", and this is based on the ancient people’s experience.

In other words, it is generally said that he was not pregnant at three months of pregnancy, and some people believed it, but it could not be hidden in the four months of pregnancy. It can already be seen that the belly comes, unless wearing a particularly loose top.

Therefore, most of the pregnant mothers have begun to appear in 4-5 months of pregnancy.

Judging from the news of Xi Mengyao’s belly and official announcement, it should have entered the middle of pregnancy, that is, after four months of pregnancy.

Generally, the fetus in the early pregnancy is not stable, it is prone to accidents, and it will not tell outsiders. After the early pregnancy, the fetus is relatively stable, and the good news of pregnancy will be told.

Although the fetus is relatively stable and the state of pregnant mothers is much better than early pregnancy, there are some other aspects that need to pay attention to.

① Eating and drinking: Increase nutritional replenishment

In the middle of pregnancy, the fetus began to develop rapidly, and the nutrients required also increased. Therefore, pay attention to the increase in diet nutrition, especially high -quality protein, calcium, iron, iodine, zinc and other nutrients.

How much nutrients of different types of nutrients are intake every day, you can refer to the pagoda map below.

In addition, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to replenishing water, and do not reduce drinking because they do not like to drink water or worry about edema.

② Sleep: Make sure the daily sleep volume

As the stomach is getting bigger and bigger, the sleeping mother’s sleep will also be affected. It may be difficult to fall asleep. It may be frequently woke up at night or even wake up by the baby.

If you want to improve the quality of sleep, the method must be correct:

· Reduce the amount of sleep for 100 days and increase the amount of exercise of a hundred days;

· Drink water as much as possible during the day to avoid drinking water before going to bed;

· You can listen to the light music that helps to sleep before going to bed, do some simple yoga movements, etc.;

· The indoor temperature and humidity are appropriate, the bedding is made of cotton material and the thickness is appropriate;

· You can also buy a pregnant woman’s pillow to increase the support of the waist and back and belly while sleeping, making the pregnant mother feel more comfortable.

③ Production inspection: Do each inspection on time

The birth check-in in the middle of pregnancy is very important. Don screening at 16 weeks of pregnancy, four-dimensional deformed deformed, and sugar resistance screening at 20-24 weeks of pregnancy.

Pregnant mothers should make an appointment in advance (the four -dimensional appointment of four dimensions in some places), and then make a strategy in advance. What preparations need to be prepared for inspection time and check on time on time.

But don’t be too nervous, relax, and cooperate with the doctor to do a good job. Most of the pregnant mothers can pass smoothly.

If you cannot pass it successfully, follow the doctor’s advice and review it.

④ Pregnancy: Start making fetal education for fetuses

From about 20 weeks of pregnancy, we will start to be prenatal education for the fetus, which will promote the development of the fetus.

For example, when you talk to the baby, tell the story to the baby every day, often go to the park to take a walk, or often read books, listen to easy and cheerful music, and make simple handicrafts.

In addition, as prenatal education for fetuses, prospective dads are best to participate. The fetus prefers to listen to the voice of the prospective dad, and it also helps to cultivate feelings with the baby during the fetus.

⑤ Life: Do a good job of protecting and protecting the baby

Because the stomach is getting bigger and inconvenient, there are more and more aspects that pregnant mothers need to pay attention to.

In life, pay attention to avoid bumps, fall, avoid places with many people, poor air, avoid too much exhaustion, etc., and provide a good development environment for the fetus.

In short, the second trimester is a relatively comfortable and peaceful stage. Pregnant mothers should try to keep their mood comfortable as much as possible, check on time, and watch doctors in time with discomfort.

Did you start to show your heart and see your stomach in your pregnancy?Regarding the attention of the middle of pregnancy, what other suggestions do you have, welcome to share the discussion.

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