Wrong!Is MSG a chemical product?Can it cause cancer?Nutrition experts come to the name

(MSG sold on the market.)

Recently, Xiaoling, a prospective mother who was just pregnant, did not go out to eat with her friends, because she said that the outside dishes were martential and could not eat.The family also made meals without MSG every day for her. Xiao Ling said, "I heard that MSG is synthesized by chemical synthesis, unhealthy", "after heating MSG will produce chemicals, it will cause cancer", "MSG will damage the brain nerves" and so on.Wait, especially bad for the fetus.The reporter also found in the interview that there is a chemical product that MSG is considered to be chemical products. It is best not to eat it. Is this really the case?To this end, the reporter found Li Yajun, a professor of nutrition at Guizhou Normal University for answers.

MSG is fermented by starch, not chemical products

"The initial monosodium glutamate was hydrolyzed protein and then purified. The current monosodium glutamate is obtained by modern industrial production using a certain kind of bacterial fermentation that is good at secreting glutamic acid." Professor Li introduced that the raw materials of MSG can be used in starch, beet, sugarcane, and even the time.Discriminate glycogen, which greatly reduces production costs.

"This process is similar to the production of wine, vinegar, and soy sauce. There is no ‘chemical raw material’ in the production process." Professor Li explained that if wine, vinegar and soy sauce are used as "natural products", MSG should also beNatural product.If fermentation and purification are industrial processes, it is regarded as "chemical products", then many foods and condiments should also be classified as "chemical products".

"The main ingredient of MSG is sodium glutamate. It is a natural ingredient of food. It is not a toxic substance. Almost all protein -containing foods (including breast milk) contain monosodium glutamate, such as animal bones and muscles, and will accumulate piles."Professor Li said that it is not difficult to understand why the long -stewed bone soup and chicken soup taste delicious.

In addition, the human body can convert glucose into glutamic acid through the action of enzymes as one of the main nutritional supply brains, and exists in the form of glutamic acid root in the human body.After MSG enters the human body: formation of glutamate root and sodium ions; after salt enters the human body, chloride and sodium ions will also be formed.In other words, even if you don’t eat MSG, the human body can "synthesize" MSG.

The heating MSG is not carcinogenic, but the elderly and children should eat less

"When monosodium glutamate is heated to above 120 ° C, it may produce sodium caramelsine, which is the culprit of the legendary Symphony and cancer." Professor Li introduced that the current research has not found any toxic and side effects of sodium scutop.MSG at high temperature will lose umami, so it is recommended that you put MSG before going out of the pan.

"The root of glutamic acid in MSG does not constitute the harm to the human body. The main harm is sodium ions. Like salt, the high sodium diet will increase the risk of gastric cancer." Professor Li said that MSG and chicken essence are condiments.Both can generally eat with confidence.However, the principle that needs to be mastered is not to eat too much. Each person should not eat MSG every day should not exceed 6 grams, especially the following 3 people:

1. Children: If children’s food is too quantitative, it may affect the function of the stomach, and there will be bad habits such as partial eclipse, anorexia, and snacks. It will also affect the normal acid -base balance in children, cause indigestion, and affect healthy development.Among the children’s food in the current market, such as small snacks, many of them rely on addsents to attract children’s addiction, they should attract great attention.

2. Elderly: Because the sense of taste function of the elderly is reduced, such as monosodium glutamate to stimulate appetite, it is more likely to cause dependence on MSG.In addition, MSG contains a considerable amount of sodium chloride, and most of the salt in some inferior MSG.This causes a lot of salt intake and becomes one of the induction factors of hypertension.Therefore, the elderly friends who have high incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have limited salt, and MSG must also be limited.

3. Asthma patients: At present, studies have found that MSG has the possibility of inducing asthma attacks.Within 2-12 hours of people’s edible MSG, MSG is absorbed, which can affect the activity of the central nervous system and cause asthma.Studies also believe that if a person eats more foods with a large amount of monosodium glutamate under an empty stomach, it will be more likely to cause asthma.

Soup boil, acid dishes, do not need MSG

"MSG is safe, but you should also pay attention to how to use it." Professor Li introduced that there is no need to use MSG for dishes cooked with broth.Because the broth itself has the characteristics of fresh, fragrant, and clear, such as the use of monosodium glutamate, it will cover the original taste, causing the dishes to taste nice.

In addition, it is not advisable to use MSG for acid dishes, such as: sweet and sour, vinegar, vinegar and pepper dishes.Because MSG is not easy to dissolve in acidic substances, the greater the more acidic solubility, the worse the effect of the umami taste.Secondly, when using crystal monosodium glutamate with cold dishes, it should be opened with a small amount of thermal water, and then poured into the cold dish.If you use a crystal to mix cold dishes directly, it is not easy to mix well, affecting the freshness of MSG.

In the end, Professor Li warmly reminded that with the proper sodium ion concentration, MSG’s umami taste can be more prominent.Therefore, MSG’s umami flavor can only be manifested in salty dishes, but if you put MSG in sweet dishes, not only can not be fresh, but it will inhibit the sweet taste and produce a odor.Therefore, chicken corn ravioli, sweet taro and other dishes cannot be added with monosodium glutamate.(Photo/text reporter Long Yimin editor Yao Li)

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