Workplace: Because of pregnancy, I have to resign from work. I regret it. What should I do?

A few days ago, my chick told me: Mom, my dream is to grow up and want to be a pilot.I said why?She said: In that way, you can take you to play with your dad everywhere!Instantly moved tears … Then she asked me again: Mom, what is your dream?I said: My mother’s dream when she was a child was to have her own flower shop when she grew up. She was a flower fairy because her mother particularly liked flowers.Then Niu blinked and looked at me: Mom, why haven’t your dreams realized yet?The girl’s words made me say instantly.Think about my life has gone through more than thirty years. Now the road to my dream has not been found, and suddenly there is a sense of powerless …

Looking back at the beginning of the years since the university, there are many thoughts in my mind.The majors of the university are gardens, which can be said to be learning for my dream.However, as the graduation time is approaching, because of the economic conditions in the family, we must come out to find a job to make a living.I chose to learn at the time and start a design.After doing it for about a year, because I couldn’t stand the strings of tight work moments, endless overtime, and their boss’s critical harshness, the final design career ended with the beginning of a non -professional work.The second job is to work for the company established by Mr. and his partners.The position of the supervisor was also achieved in about a year. Below, the team of four or five people led the team, and the salary gradually increased. I felt that my life began to fly yellow.So the seeds of dreams were gradually covered on my flying yellow.In the spring of 2014, I entered the palace of marriage with my husband, and then I had a baby.Later, because of pregnancy and physical discomfort, and the two of us were not taken care of in Shenzhen, my husband was worried that my body would send me back to my parents’ parents.This also means that my flying road to Huang Tengda was interrupted …

After I came back, the seeds of my dreams took root in my mind again, so I started preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination.At that time, my husband was in Shenzhen, his hometown was in Anhui, and Mr. rarely returned, so I was accompanied by the book throughout pregnancy.At the end of the year, my girl was born. Without the full moon, I wrapped it into a dumplings and went to Nanjing from Anhui to go to Nanjing.The results came out in March of the following year, and the only regret was that he had not been admitted to the ideal campus.After two years of graduate students, I came into the design industry again last year. The seeds of dreams were still covered in the real soil.Because I want to bloom, I get a flower shop for internship.It is very low -treatment. For the current economic conditions, you do not allow yourself to toss yourself at all, or find your job to support your own work.Until now, the seeds of dreams have not germinated …

Looking back at the past, although it is also working hard, struggling.There are harvests every year, but farther and farther from their dreams.After careful consideration, summarize three points: First of all, the seeds of dreams are not rooted.Although there is this dream, I have never worked in this direction, and always farther away from the road where my dream is close.Second, the impact of objective factors.Married and giving birth to a baby for the family.Maybe this can only be said to be an excuse.But when you are in your place, you have no other way. You can only learn to accept things that you can’t change!Finally, the destruction of reality.Economic conditions do not allow you to have extra time and energy to toss without results.There is a saying: the ideal is full, and the reality is very backbone.When the spark of dreams hit a realistic wind and rain, the flames of the dream will be wiped out!

Dear, is your dreams that burst like this?Fortunately, the new year starts, as long as it starts, it will not be too late.May our new year listen to our inner voice, list our dream list, let this dream list lead ourselves, actively act, and meet a better self in the future!

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