Women’s vulvar itching, don’t "bear"!Caused by big things!

Vulvar itching is the most prone gynecological disease in women. Women in any age group are more likely to occur. Therefore, many women have tried the trouble of vulvar itching, but not every female with vulvar itching.Everyone will actively seek medical treatment, thinking that forbearance has passed, but if you are too patient, you don’t know if you are easy to spread!

Itching of the vulva, as the name suggests, refers to the itching of the vulva parts of the female, such as clitoris, labia, large labia, vaginal mouth, and severe cases will spread to the inside of the thighs;Itching is unbearable, may occur during day and night, and it is persistent and even affects life.

Vulvar itching cannot be "tolerated"!

Many women with mild vulvar itch feel that forbearance has passed, so they ignore it; however, women do not endure it again!The long -term vulva itching will naturally scratch, which can easily cause local skin ulcers and cracks, which will cause skin inflammation;

Furthermore, continuous vulvar itching will not only affect daily life, but also affect the sexual life of husband and wife, and it will easily affect the relationship between husband and wife; in the end, vulvar itching can also cause reproductive organ infections, not timely treatment, and prone to pelvic inflammatory disease.Periarthritis, vulva leukoplakia lesions and other diseases; delaying treatment and blind treatment will increase the condition, it is not easy to cure, and it is easy to repeat, and it will even affect pregnancy and fetus.

In addition, itching of the vulva may also be lesions, inducing cancer, called vulva malignant tumors.Early symptoms of vulva malignant tumors also appear vulvar, and the incidence of vulva malignant tumors is relatively low, so it is easy to be ignored, so that the treatment is not timely or inappropriate treatment.

Therefore, if women have itching, they must not think that forbearing will not itch, nor can it be judged by gynecological inflammation of the vulvar itching by themselves, and vulvar itching can be caused by a variety of reasons.If you want to treat vulvar itching, you need to take the right medicine and treat it in a timely manner.

Let’s take a look at the cause of vulvar itching.

1. Gynecological inflammation, such as fungal vaginitis and trichomoniasis vaginitis;

2. Poor living habits, if you do not pay attention to the health and cleaning of the vulva;

3. Local allergies, such as using sanitary napkins, cotton cotton strips, unclean underwear, etc.

4. Itching of the vulva caused by disease, such as diabetes, various skin diseases;

5. It can also cause vulvar itching before and after pregnancy;

6, malnutrition, lack of iron in the body, vitamin A, vitamin E and other elements, can also make the vulva skin itchy and dry;

7, unclean sex life;

8. Itching of vulva caused by psychological factors.

In addition to gynecological inflammation, vulvar itching can cause vulvar pruritus. Therefore, women should pay more attention to hygiene in daily life.

1. Passage, loose, high -quality all -cotton underwear, pay attention to washing and replacing them frequently;

2. Pay attention to the cleaning of the vulva, and the napkin and water basin of cleaning the vulva should be kept clean and dry.

3. Do not use irritating soap, soap is cleaned to vulva;

4. Pay attention to the hygiene and health of sexual life.

5. Pay attention to the selection and use of sanitary napkins during menstruation.

6, develop good eating habits, eat less spicy food, tobacco and alcohol, etc.;

7, do not scratch casually, wash the vulva in hot water, and you cannot use vulvar itching drugs casually.

Experts suggest that if the vulvar itching continues, it is suspected that it itching for the vulva caused by gynecological inflammation, actively seek medical treatment, and take the right medicine after diagnosis; do not blindly take the medicine by yourself, otherwise it is easy to aggravate the disease and make the disease not be treated in a timely and effective treatment.

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