Women’s upper ring and take the ring pain?How long can I have the same room after taking the ring?Listen what the people say!

When it comes to the ring and the upper ring, whether it is a woman who has experienced it or a woman who has not experienced it, there will be different ideas.The first thing that is most concerned about Shanghai and Ring is painful, because basically the people around you have said that the description is not consistent, and more people will tell you that that kind of feeling is eligible to say, so thenDoes it hurt to take the ring and the upper ring?Which pain is taken and the upper ring?How long can I have the same room after taking the ring?This is a problem that is related to the health of women. Let’s take a look at those things that take the ring and the upper ring together. You can listen to what the people say and make a reference.

Sheung Wan is a way of contraception that women are not prepared to get pregnant.This contraceptive method is more common and common, but the influence of the body varies from person to person after surgery.Is the Sheung Wan painful?Let’s take a look at how the surgery of Shekuan performed.Disinfection of the vulva and vagina to reach the standard of surgery, expose the cervix with a pushing device after the probe, hold the cervical anterior lip with a cervical pliers, and use the uterine probe to solve the position of the uterus and the depth of the uterine cavity; the doctor will understand women according to the diagnosis.The size of the uterus, position, and accessories; then put the birth ring into the uterine cavity, observe whether to bleed or take out the cervical pliers and vaginal peeping device.

When women do not need contraception or prepare for a second child after menstrual period, when the third child, etc., or when the birth ring expires, it needs to take the ring. So how does the ring take?It is relatively simple to take the ring surgery. It can be completed in about ten minutes. Usually, the ring hook is taken out. If the position of the loop that is placed is changed and the nursery ring is embedded in the uterine wall. At this time, the doctor needs to use the help of the helpThe help of the outside world can be completed, and you can imagine whether the whole process is painful.Of course, if a woman who is unbearable at all, can communicate with the doctor in advance, and can inject some anesthetics slightly to make the surgery in a painless state.

① Bao Ma: The upper ring is not very painful. Because of the short time, most people can tolerate it.In the past, because of the few knowledge, no doctor reminded the doctor for how many years after the ring was put in, and thought that it would be forever!In fact, there are years. In the past, it was fifteen years. The material is now eight years. Do not put it for too long, especially before a woman breaks out, otherwise it will make you feel painful. ②No. Baoma: I just took the ring that was brought for almost seven years ago and did a series of inspections. It was okay when I took it. I didn’t grow into the meat.After a few days, I had bleeding at noon on the same day and gone in the afternoon.

③ Bao Ma: Today, I ’m going to get the results of the ring for ten years. It’ s hard to go to the pain. People are unconscious because the birth ring grows into the meat; ④ The upper ring is not so exaggerated.It was not very comfortable in those months. It was normal after the adaptation of the months. There were no sisters around the ring. Occasionally abortion, I felt that the abortion was more harmful than the upper ring.After the two dolls, they are not ready to give birth. Choose to go to the ring. After the menstruation arrives, the back pain and belly pain are uncomfortable every time I come to menstruation, and the breasts are also painful.During the menstrual period, ready to go away.

How long is it better for women’s body after taking the ring?It is recommended that the earliest time to take the same time after the ring should also be in the same room after half a month of the operation, because after the ring is taken, everyone’s body is different for this adaptation, and the degree of self -recovery is also very different.Therefore, women should not be prematurely in the same room after taking the ring. After all, there is a certain trauma for the uterus. Later, when you feel that your body recovers is better, you will have the same room. This will not affect your health recovery.There will be no hidden dangers.

The pain of the upper ring and the loop is different from person to person. I personally feel that no matter which one is small, there is a certain pain, but everyone feels different about the pain, and everyone’s body is aboutThe acceptance of the birth ring is also different.The upper ring and the loop are painful. Everyone feels different. Only after experiencing it.

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