Women’s miscarriage twice and then pregnant with twins before getting married. Her husband bought a house for Xiaosan, divorced for the baby and remarried again

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There is a popular question on Zhihu: How about those unmarried girls who are pregnant first?

This question has more than 90 million reading, more than 6,000 answers, and there are two answers in front of tens of thousands!

Both answers are not recommended to pregnancy first.

Thinking of the girl who was pregnant for 5 months ago, Tangshan was pregnant because she was not married. She was taken by her mother -in -law. She was naked holding a pre -marital agreement to make this girl who is already pregnant with her child signing!

The idea is not to get a marriage certificate or a gift. The man’s house has nothing to do with the woman!

This girl was so angry that she went to her boyfriend’s house to smash things. Then she simply flowed off the child, packed it in a foam box, and sent it to the home of her ex -boyfriend.

Who can make them feel that girls can get pregnant without getting married!

Some people say that fortunately, they can see the true colors of each other’s parents in time.

But in fact, for 5 months, a girl was looking forward to the arrival of the new life with joy, but found that the child’s father and grandparents were so embarrassed, and finally he had to sacrifice the children who had already been formed.This is also a great harm for mothers!


Those who have a good result of unmarried pregnancy are lucky, and unmarried first pregnancy is particularly unfair to girls.

Seeing a netizen said, it is best not to get pregnant before unmarried, and mention the true story of his own watch!

When the cousin was 16 years old, he was with his cousin. The cousin’s character was very ordinary. The cousin had been born twice with him for 4 years. Later, the third pregnancy discovered that it was twins. So the aunt of this netizen said that he couldn’t bear to bear itLet the two get married!

Two people were married when they were 5 months pregnant. The child was born with a twin son. The cousin contains a hard work every day. Later, the child went out to work a little older. When he went out to workGo to the husband’s account.

That is to say, the cousin is equivalent to selling himself to the aunt’s house. Not only is he given a twin grandson for the aunt’s house, but he also brings children every day. He worked hard to get out of his salary and get his husband!

And netizens’ cousins are also quite scum. Not only do they not look at their children, they sometimes hit their wives.When the child went to kindergarten, he brought Primary Three to his home to live, and his name was his own customer!

This cousin also bought a house with Xiao San, and the house was the name of two people!Later, the sister -in -law couldn’t stand the divorce, but it didn’t take long for the two children to be very pitiful, and then remarried!

Netizens said: The tragic experience, everything originated from his own vision, he is too bad to humiliate, and the other is that he is pregnant without getting married!

There will be a lot of unfairness for girls for girls. There are even some thoughts of thoughts in order to deceive girls, and they also quietly let girls get pregnant first, so that they can marry the girls home less.Intersection

First: Come to menstruation means you have fertility

Many girls don’t even know that they are pregnant. They are ignorant, and they don’t even know that they can get pregnant with menstruation, so mothers must tell girls some physiological common sense of adolescence.

When you come to the holiday yourself, it means that you have started to have eggs, and eggs represent can have children. At this time, you must pay attention to protect yourself.

Second: It’s okay to fall in love, but don’t easily cross the border

Men and women talked about their friends and finally broke up, the harm of the woman will be greater.

Therefore, as a girl, we must be more reserved and pay more attention to protecting themselves. If it is just not long before you know, you do n’t have to get married, do n’t easily cross the boundary.

Third: If you are not married, you must contraceptive

Even if the two people are sweet and honey, they must pay attention to contraception without getting married. Contraception is a kind of protection for girls.

For boys, the woman is not painful or itchy, but for girls, once she is pregnant, she is actually very passive.

If you do n’t want to get married for a while, then it is a kind of harm to your own body. He does not want to cause harm to the body. He also wants to leave the child. Such emotions can easily be pinched by the other party, and even let you promise a lot of unreasonable conditions.

Fourth: Don’t get married because of pregnancy

It is easy to cause tragedy when unmarried. Many girls feel that they are going to marry him if they are pregnant, and even promise a lot of conditions for the other party. I think that as long as the child has a father!

Article 1046 of the Civil Code stipulates that marriage should be completely voluntary, prohibiting all parties from forceing the other party, prohibiting any organization or individual interference, or interference in any third party!

This tells the girls brightly that even if you are pregnant, it is not a reason for getting married. You must be completely voluntary when you get married. If you are pregnant, put aside this child, think about it seriously, do you really want to marry him?Intersection

If you don’t want to have no matter, we can not want this child or give birth to this child.

Because of Article 47 of the Women’s Rights Protection Law, women have the right to give birth to children in accordance with relevant state regulations, and they also have the freedom to give birth.

And even if you are a child who is not married, there is a law to protect his rights.

Article 1071 of the "Civil Code" stipulates that non -wedding children have the same rights as children of marriage and children.Affordinate the support for minor children or cannot live independently.

That is to say, if your boyfriend accidentally gets you pregnant, and you want to have this child and don’t want to marry him, or he doesn’t want to marry you, then your boyfriend has the responsibility and obligation to raise this child.

Girls don’t be afraid, you are the master of your life.

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