Women’s lower body itching, hard to entangle and relapse. What cause?Pay attention to 4 principles after cure

In many cases, many patients said to the doctor as soon as they came in: Doctor, "I have a little itchy below", "My vaginitis is always repeatedly onset" and so on.Then, women’s itching, no problems or inaccurate treatment, are to find the reason carefully.

Women’s "below" itching is often related to vulva vulva phytic disease (VVC), commonly known as mold vaginitis.

VVC is a common inflammation of women’s reproductive tract. In gynecological clinics, there are about 12%of VVC diagnosed in gynecological clinics.There are various clinical symptoms, and vulvar or vaginal itching often occurs. The degree of degree can be light or severe. In severe cases, it is difficult to sleep all night. In addition to itching, there are symptoms such as burning sensation, vaginal pain, sexual intercourse pain, and urination.Accompanied by a large amount of vaginal secretions, it is white or thick or bean dregs.

In terms of treatment, the treatment of VVC needs to be actively carried out. Moreover, VVC is difficult to recur, which can be said to be one of the hidden "inflammation" of women.

(1) Koblmiumole cream, spangazole cream, and mimanazole can be used for local medication; local treatment of imidazole drugs is better than moldin; the commonly used drugs for the whole body are fluoronazole.

(2) Recommended local medication for heavy VVC 7-14 days or oral fluoronazole two courses

(3) Recommended VVC Recommended extension treatment to prevent recurrence.

(4) Pregnancy VVC should choose harmless vaginal drugs for fetuses, and use oral fungal drugs with caution.The main medication is mainly used, and the low -dose long course of treatment is better.

1. Be sure to remove the cause

If you are diabetes, you need to cure diabetes; if you are pregnant, you may have to wait until the pregnancy is over, and you can completely cure it after giving birth to a child;If you don’t pay attention to hygiene, you must understand the cause of the cause.

2. Treatment must be standardized

In terms of medication, we must take oral drugs and external use. The standardizedness of the external use is the problem of time and quantity. It takes enough time to maintain it for half a year.In addition, some people may have vaginal flushing. Although it can alleviate the discomfort of the moment, it will increase the pH of the vagina, reduce the number of vaginal lactobacar, and lead to an increase in the recurrence risk of VVC.

3. If repeated attacks, your partner must be treated

If the condition is very mild, the partner does not need to be treated; if it is clinically repeatedly recussed, at this time, it is necessary to treat the partner.If there are other vaginitis, it is also actively treated.

4. Avoid sexual life in the acute stage

With VVC, if it is an acute period, it may cause pain and bleeding symptoms in the same room, so it is recommended not to do business in the acute stage.If it is recurrent, you can use a condom to the same room, but do not have sexual life in the acute period.

The increasing incidence of vaginal cattlemark disease during pregnancy is mainly related to changes in local environmental environment.

This is because the level of estrogen in women during pregnancy has increased significantly. Under the action of estrogen, local secretions increase, increase humidity, and increase glycogen synthesis, which increases the incidence of VVC during pregnancy and even worsening symptoms.And as long as the pregnancy does not end, this induction factors are not removed and it is not easy to cure.

In addition, VVCs during pregnancy are subject to some restrictions. For example, all oral antidible drugs should be prohibited during pregnancy.

Drugs during pregnancy are mainly recommended for short -course treatment of localazine, which are mainly controlled by controlling symptoms. Localole antifungal preparations can be used in early pregnancy, middle pregnancy, and late pregnancy.

In short, itching often appears in "below". Pay attention to check whether it is caused by vaginitis. If it is caused by vaginitis, it is necessary to understand the disease type and then treat the symptomatic treatment. This is conducive to physical recovery.

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