Women’s long -term palace cold and physical cold?Chinese medicine Fuyang method helps you to warm the palace to nourish blood, supplement Yangqi health health

There are many young girls now, either irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, or acne on the face.There are many women over 40 years of age, the menopause is almost coming, I can’t sleep, upset, and find all kinds of questions.

Ten women and nine colds, many women’s constitution is cold.What is the situation of cold constitution?It is said that the irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, waxy yellow, dizziness, fatigue and tiredness, acne … There is no need to say, the most terrible thing is infertility!Or fetal development after pregnancy is slow or even abortion!

Hundreds of diseases are cold, and Gonghan accounts for more than half of gynecological diseases and gynecological infertility. The main symptoms are as follows:

1. Menstruation abnormalities

Menstrual abnormalities have a bloating in the front abdomen, and there are phenomena such as increased leucorrhea, lumbar acid or pain, and two milk tenderness. A few have nausea and nausea and disgusting reactions.The degree of unbearable.

2. Sometimes the lower abdomen is cold and sometimes hurts

After the menstrual period is sometimes wrong, the color is light and small, the spirit is poor, the back of the waist is soft, the urine is more, the menstrual flow is small, the sexual desire is decreased, the tongue is pale and white, and the pulse is sinking.If the true yang is not enough, the back is acidic like a fold, the complexion is dark, and the lower abdomen is not warm, the limbs are not warm, the main feet are cold and weak, the mouth is light but tasteless, the menstruation is dry, the menstrual period is slightly wrong, there are leucorrhea, frequent urination or incontinence, or incontinence., Pale tongue, white and slippery moss, weak veins.Sports is the source of all diseases.

As the saying goes, "Ten diseases and nine colds" and "disease comes from the cold", women’s thin clothes violate the principle of health when they are cool.Women’s reproductive systems are most afraid of cold, and the cold days will lose yang. The coldness of the lower body will directly lead to the cold of the women’s palace.It is prone to symptoms of cold hands and feet, weakness, loss of appetite, and even irregular menstruation.

3, gain weight

Another manifestation of Gonghan is fatter, accompanied by symptoms such as shortness of breath, shortness of insomnia, less menstruation, less monthly, no ovulation and other symptoms.Insufficient uterine calories. In order to maintain their own physiological functions, fat acts as a "protector of the palace". The colder the uterus, the more the body needs to accumulate fat, which causes weight to gain weight.

In fact, Fuyang is most suitable for female friends. Fuyang Medical attaches great importance to Yang Qi and emphasizes Fuyang.

"The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic" said: The human body has the ability to resist external evils. This ability is yang.Yang Qi is like the guardian of the human body. They are distributed on the surface of the skin and are responsible for resisting all external evils and defending the safety of the human body.Anyone, as long as the yang is strong, can not invade the disease.

1. Fuyang and nourish yang qi, drive the cold -conditioning gynecological

The method of treating diseases in the Fuyang School can reconcile yin and yang and stimulate the self -healing power of the human body. We also often say that the balance of yin and yang of the human body is the foundation of diseases and development.Cold is warm, and cold is hot. We can use Fuyang therapy to achieve the effect of reconciled yin and yang.The cold goes back and goes back, and go to cold and use the heat.In ancient times, Fuyang was used to cure cold diseases. It was Zhang Zhongjing’s theory of typhoid fever.

2. Activating blood circulation and removing stasis, removing pigmentation -raising a good look

Cold is condensed, condensation is silt, and silt is blocked.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that most of the stains are caused by sputum, silt, dampness, poison and other evil qi. Among them, the most common is melasma and freckles.

Fuyang can warm the meridians and promote blood circulation.Therefore, many skin problems, such as spots, acne, dark circles, bags under the eyes, wrinkles, relaxation, dim, and even many gynecological diseases, such as uterine fibroids, gynecological cysts, dysmenorrhea, infertility, cold hands and feet, irregular menstruation, etc., etc.Can be conditioned through Fuyang Medicine.

3. Wenyang, qi, and promoting blood promotion -say goodbye to menstrual abnormalities

Menstruation does not need to say more about women:

1. Women with normal menstruation can be pregnant, and the skin is more delicate and shiny.

2. The periodic menstruation can just rule out the congestion and disease of the meridians.

3. Due to the protection of menstruation, women have stronger ability to resist diseases, so women’s average life expectancy is longer than men.

If women have poor menstrual blood, qi and blood stasis, and even say that they have been amenorrhea, then all of the above are disappeared.

As for the amenorrhea, it can be used in Fuyang therapy:

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that liver and kidney deficiency, qi and blood, weakness, or phlegm and blood stasis are blocked, and the two pulses are not connected, which may lead to amenorrhea.Therefore, we need to nourish qi and revitalize blood and promote blood.In order to consolidate the yang, Fuyang can make qi and blood coordination, the blood veins can be smooth and qi and blood, and the menstruation comes.

Kind tips:

In short, today I summarize the knowledge of these Chinese medicine for everyone to control themselves.If you suspect that you belong to this type, do not rush to apply it. You must use the dialectical guidance of a professional Chinese medicine practitioner to confirm the use of errors before applying. Do not take it without authorization to avoid delaying the illness.After all, Chinese medicine pays attention to dialectical treatment, and one person can fundamentally solve their own problems.

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