Women’s fifth pregnancy sudden bleeding shock!Rescue for 3 hours to turn danger into safety

Dragon Head News (Sun Lixia Ye Hong reporter Lu Xiaoyan) On October 7, many people were still feeling that when "the holiday balance was insufficient", at the Red Cross Central Hospital of Harbin, the four subjects of production, the three subjects, and the anesthesiology departmentMedical staff in the operating room, inspection department, blood transfusion department, ICU and other departments have launched a thrilling contest with the death of a dangerous front placenta in order to treat a dangerous front placenta.In the end, with the joint efforts of multi -disciplinary medical staff, it successfully saved a lively life.

"I heard that the doctors fought an urgent battle for me and grabbed me from the hands of death. Thank you very much." The 34 -year -old Wenwen (pseudonym) said that this was all the lover told her, from home at homeDa bleeding passed out to wake up from the ward, and she couldn’t remember the specific things these days.

Women’s fifth pregnancy sudden bleeding shock

Wenwen, who was already the mother of two children, found that she was pregnant two months ago. This was her fifth pregnancy. She had two history of abortion and two cesarean section history.After going to the hospital for examination, Wenwen and her lover decided to leave the child.

At more than 6 o’clock on October 7, Wenwen found that her vagina was bleeding when she went to the toilet and had a lot of bleeding."I was scared at the time, and hurriedly shouted my husband called 120, and then I was confused, and I didn’t remember it." Wenwen recalled that she fainted after she came out of the bathroom.

"Doctor! Doctor! My daughter -in -law was bleeding!" When Wenwen and their lover took 120 to the door of the Red Cross Central Hospital of Harbin City, Dr. Zou Xuqing went out to see Wenwen lying on the blood -stained sheet.

Multi -department seamless docking quickly assembled consultation treatment

Time is life. You must not hesitate for a moment. Dr. Zou Xuqing immediately opened an emergency ultrasound for Wenwen. Ultrasonic prompts the front placenta and placenta implantation.The chief physician of Li Chunhong in the obstetrics department highly suspected that the patient was a dangerous front placenta. In order to ensure the safety of Wenwen, he decided to take a cesarean section to terminate the pregnancy.Immediately contact the ward on duty, Huang Jiaojiao, the third subject doctor Song Nana, and Zhang Xinwei, a five -subject doctor, and started the green channel to push Wenwen into the operating room for surgery.Essence

In the absence of Wenwen’s admission procedures, medical staff in various departments seamlessly connected and sent Wenwen to the operating room.In just a few points, all related medical staff gathered in the operating room. Shan Yuqin, Director of the Fourth Division of Industry, and Zhang Xiaoying, deputy director, also came to the organization and participated in the rescue.

After nearly 3 hours of rescue, Wenwen’s condition was finally controlled, and the surgery ended smoothly.It is estimated that Wenwen’s total bleeding volume reached 2000 ml, which is equivalent to half of the blood in the human body.With the joint efforts of the multi -department room, Wenwen’s life and uterus successfully saved.After the operation, Wenwen was transferred to the ICU further observation and treatment. After a series of rescue therapy after the ICU, the condition became stable, and then returned to the four -subject ward and continued to give subsequent related treatment.

Obstetric experts recommend that the first tire should choose to give birth to the child

According to Shan Yuqin, director of the four subjects of the industry, the dangerous front placenta refers to the history of cesarean section. The pregnancy is an front placenta, the placenta is attached to the scar of the atomic incision, and it is often accompanied by placenta implantation.In recent years, with the increase of cesarean section, the incidence of dangerous front placenta implantation or even penetrating muscle layers, invasion and bladder increases have increased.In this case, the placenta peeling is difficult during childbirth. The adhesion of the rear wall of the bladder and the uterine plasm membrane layer often leads to unprecedented postpartum hemorrhage, which is one of the most serious complications of obstetrics.

With the liberalization of the second child policy, the number of elderly maternal and scar uterine pregnancy has increased dramatically, which leads to an increase in the incidence of placental implantation, and the number of cesarean section is closely related to the placental implantation.The incidence of placental placenta in a cesarean section is 3.3%, 11%, 40%, 61%, and 67%.Therefore, the placenta implantation threats caused by placental implantation to mothers.

Here, Shan Yuqin suggested that the first child should choose to produce as much as possible, and at the same time remind women who have the willingness to have a second child after cesarean section, a risk assessment should be performed before pregnancy.Relations, do a good job of health care during pregnancy, once the doctor is confirmed to be a pre -placenta, it should be stronger to improve the nutritional status of pregnancy, guide the weight management during pregnancy, and correct the anemia as much as possible to improve the tolerance of the pregnant woman for acute bleeding. At the same time, pay attention to the growth of the fetus.Development, strive to extend the gestational week, increase the weight of newborns (premature babies), and improve the ending of the siege.In the dangerous pre -placental pregnant women, we must choose a large hospital with strong professional technical force and sufficient blood sources for individual diagnosis and treatment, so as to ensure the safety of mothers and infants.

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