Women’s 37 weeks of pregnancy, the belly is huge, and the giving birth to a 25 -pound cyst child is only 5 pounds and 4 pounds.

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A elderly mother in Harbin, at 29 weeks of pregnancy, found that there was not only a long -awaited fetus in her body, but also a big guy.

Zhang Li: It was 190 pounds before, and I was 240 pounds before 190 pounds. It was fatter and my belly was big. Later, I felt my stomach was hard.

Zhang Li is 39 years old and is 1.65 meters tall. The original figure was very rich. When he went to the hospital for examination, Zhang Li learned that he was pregnant and had 29 weeks of pregnancy.But in addition to the fetus she is breeding, her belly also has a big guy, which is competing with the fetus for limited living space.

Chen Xuan, chief physician of the 3rd House of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Harbin Medical University: She has an abdomen as big as she is pregnant with four twins. We feel that it must be a large fibroids. Ultrasonic examination is determined to be pelvic mass.

It turns out that Zhang Li’s menstruation has always been irregular. In a short time, it has been once every few months, and only once a year.She suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome, and the chance of pregnancy is very low, so it has been 18 years since marriage, and has not been pregnant.This pregnancy is an unexpected surprise for Zhang Li.The doctor said that the cyst in her stomach may have been available a few years ago, and later it became bigger and bigger.Zhang Li is an elderly mother and has high blood pressure at the same time. It is dangerous to continue pregnancy, but Zhang Li is unwilling to give up this difficult child. She decided to give birth to the child.At 37 weeks of pregnancy, she performed planing surgery.

Chen Xuan, chief physician of the 3rd House of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Harbin Medical University: When I opened my abdomen, I didn’t see the child at all. The whole is a huge cyst in front.There was a corner, and after the child was righteous, he cut the uterus and removed the fetus.

Zhang Li gave birth to a baby boy, 5 pounds and 4 two.The cysts in her belly also need to be removed immediately, but the wiggers were too large to remove it directly. The doctor decided to let it "lose weight" first.

Chen Xuan, chief physician of the 3rd House of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Harbin Medical University: I made a incision to suck out the capsule, and the cyst fluid was almost 11,000 milliliters. When we sucked until six or seven thousandtake out.

With the sucking capsule, this cyst has a total of 25 pounds, which means that it is 5 times heavier than the baby that Zhang Li’s birth.Fortunately, the surgery was smooth, and the huge mass was completely removed.The doctor introduced that the pregnancy of pregnancy with ovarian cysts is not uncommon in clinical practice. In most cases, the cysts exist, but because the symptoms are not obvious, it is not easy to detect.Remind female friends to pay attention to pre -pregnancy examinations and early production examinations during pregnancy.

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