Women will not be easy to get pregnant in the first month of pregnancy?

Pregnancy is something that every married woman wants to complete. Pregnancy is pivotal in a woman’s life, because he will bring the closest loved ones in the world. The child is the meat dropped on the motherHer life’s energy was put on the child.Pregnancy is not easy. Early pregnancy reactions in early pregnancy, usually cautious in daily life, and feel the most painful pain in the world when giving birth.

When the early pregnancy reaction arrives, maybe you are already aware that you are going to be a mother, and after some test inspections, it is more accurate. Some people are still a little confused about the early pregnancy. The menstruation in the first month of pregnancy will come to menstruation in the first month of pregnancy.Is it here? Let’s take a look.

The first month of pregnancy is generally not menstruation.For childcare women who have sex, when menstruation delays, it is often suspected of whether it is abnormal menstruation or pregnancy. This problem is a very common phenomenon in daily life.How to eliminate pregnancy and how to determine is a menstrual disease. This is a problem that must be distinguished first.First determine whether it is pregnant.If the menstrual cycle has always been normal, there is never signs of delay, and there are some performance of pregnancy reactions. It should be on the fifth day after menstruation (the fifth day that can also be calculated from menstruation), use early pregnancy test strips to test urine.For the positive gynecological pelvic examination; if the cervix changes purple -blue, the uterine body is full or increase, and there may be breast pain, nausea and other symptoms, which can be diagnosed as pregnancy.Of course, through B -ultrasound, you can quickly determine whether you are pregnant.

Want to know if you are pregnant, go to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test stick

1. Test

The general situation is to detect at about 10 days after the normal menstrual period. You can use the test stick to test it yourself first. Of course, the most reliable way is to go to the hospital for B -ultrasound!

2. Calculate the number of pregnancy weeks

Generally, medical habits are calculated from the end of the last menstruation

Note for pregnancy signs

1. Recently have sex life and have not taken any contraceptive measures.

2. One month or one month of menstruation does not come.

3. The menstrual period is normal, but the amount of bleeding is much less than usual.

4. There are contraceptives, but sometimes forget to eat or eat less.

5. I have done a pregnancy test at home, and the results are positive.

Regarding the things of pregnancy, women of childbearing age must understand clearly so that they can prepare for pregnancy. Women who are already pregnant also need to know more about pregnancy, so that they can better ensure that children and their own health are better.Every mother is not easy, and the arrival of each child has a heavy love of her mother.

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