Women who have prepared for pregnancy have been read!Talking about pregnancy at 20, 30, and 40 years old, what should I pay attention to?

The period when women have the most fertility is 24 to 29 years old. Only women’s menstrual cycles are only laws. No protection measures are taken during sexual life.At this stage, the risk of hypertension and diabetes during pregnancy is also very low, which can ensure the maximum extent.However, as age increases, the quality of eggs gradually decreases, and women’s fertility has weakened. Even if they can succeed in pregnancy, there are many complications during pregnancy. ThereforeEssence

1, 25 ~ 29 years old

Women 25 to 29 years old are completely mature, both their bodies and psychology, and they also have a certain material foundation. This age group is a good time to bred life.Multiple exercise, reasonable arrangement of diet is conducive to delivery, and the postpartum body is also easy to recover. At the same time, it can also reduce the risk of ovarian cancer and breast cancer. The risk of abortion and fetal malformation between pregnancy between 25 and 29 is also low.At this stage, women are psychologically mature and stable. The relationship with her husband and family is more harmoniously related to the relationship with her husband and family. The relationship with her husband and family is more harmonious.At this stage, as long as you can get pregnant normally, you can do regular checkups, and you will give birth by vaginal vaginal.

2, 30 ~ 34 years old

Some women have achieved some achievements in their careers at the age of 30, and their feelings with her husband are more stable. At this stage, pregnancy work pressure is small, the family atmosphere is harmonious, and the peaceful mentality of pregnant women is conducive to fetal growth.However, pregnant women at this stage should strengthen the pregnancy test. If the screening is abnormal, it is necessary to further perform amniotic fluid puncture; at the same time, blood sugar should be controlled to stay away from high -sugar foods to avoid causing diabetes during gestation.

3, 35 ~ 39 years old

After the age of 35, the fertility ability of women has gradually decreased, eggs are gradually aging, and the success rate of success decreases.If women are pregnant at this stage, the risk of hypertension and diabetes during pregnancy is high, and it also increases the chance of suffering from Tang’s syndrome and chromosomal defects.In addition, patients with infertility at 35 to 39 years old should actively cooperate with doctors for treatment. Once they are more than 40 years old, they should be pregnant.Although the risk of pregnancy at this stage has increased, there are advantages that other ages do not have. If the economic foundation is stable and abundant, it can provide a good living environment for babies.Pregnant women at this stage need to screen out congenital diseases to actively prevent hypertension during pregnancy. At the same time, calcium supplementation is reasonably supplemented, preventing calcium loss and cramps. It is also necessary to receive amniotic fluid examination.

4, 40 ~ 44 years old

After women are more than 40 years old, the chance of success is decreased.If you want to get pregnant and childbirth smoothly, you must ensure your health, and you are the first child and your personal habits.Due to changes in hormone secretion during pregnancy, women at this stage are prone to systemic fatigue after pregnancy, and the risk of abortion is high.In addition, pregnant women over 40 years of age have undergone the pressure on the bladder, uterus, and vaginal sagging, causing the surrounding muscles and tissue to be pulled, which leads to constipation.Moderate exercise should be maintained during pregnancy to actively prevent hypertension and diabetes during pregnancy.

Kind tips

Since the elderly pregnant women have decided to ask for a baby, they must be responsible for their health and baby’s health. During pregnancy, they should properly do anal lifting exercises to increase vaginal muscles and prevent constipation.At the same time, stricter examinations during pregnancy, if necessary, you need to undergo a health check from the cardiovascular.

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