Women who are 50 -year -old in the countryside want to give birth after pregnancy, and children have become families and do not agree with shame?

“There is a neighbor in the village of Wife’s House. At the age of 50, she was pregnant. She and her husband wanted to give birth, but they were strongly opposed by their daughters and sons.The couple really felt their hands. When they were born, they chose their children to become revenge. If they were not born, the middle -aged pregnancy was not easy.

They went to the hospital for a tire examination. The doctor said that the fetal development was very normal. The mother’s physical indicators were good and healthy.Although the mother is older, the physical fitness is good, but the child is very smooth.

Their couples were worried that they would ask the cousin of the maiden family to be a cadre in the town, and they learned that there were many fertility policies in the town.They told the cousin about the ideas.This is an understanding cousin. He said that his son is now twenty -seven years old. He has become a child. He has become a child. His daughter is twenty -five years old. He is also married and married. He is about to give birth.

Her cousin said that the family planning policy has changed newly changes, allowing the second child to give birth and control the third child.The condition of the third child is that there are two girls’ families. The youngest can have a third child after the age of 6.

Her cousin said that this is also the third child. Although it does not match the current fertility regulations, the situation is very special and the society is very rare.If you want to give birth, you may be economically disposed of, I am afraid that family life is difficult.

Her husband said that the middle -aged and elderly people were very difficult to get pregnant. Moreover, the mother and child were very normal. The child was able to be born smoothly. The mother and child were not dangerous.Now that the two children have become a family, their family life is relatively rich. Even if it violates the regulations of fertility, it is estimated that it is economically affordable and will not have a great impact on future family life.

She herself thinks that it is very difficult for the 50 -year -old pregnancy to be a rare.Since his physical health is good and has no effect on fertility, there are not many people at home, but there are fewer people. It is just right to add a child.As for the two children’s opposition, let them oppose it, and later they will understand the parents’ suffering.

Their son is the boss. Now it has been married for a few years. The grandson has been in kindergarten, and the second child has just become pregnant.At present, the daughter -in -law lives in his own home and has become a full -time mother.There are two differences in the son’s family. One is that they are afraid of having a second child. The old man cannot take care of the daughter -in -law and the children who take them.Let others make a joke.

The other son’s family is not the joke of others, but because their second child is born, the mother has their own children, and it is impossible to bring their children at all.This is the main reason why they oppose their parents to regenerate their children.

Their daughter is now married, and she is going to have children immediately during pregnancy.The purpose of her daughter’s opposition to her mother’s pregnancy is to know that her first child is about to give birth, and her mother is pregnant again. It is impossible to take care of all my daily life for the first time as a mother. It belongs to a selfishnessThoughts and performance.Therefore, against the mother’s pregnancy again.

Most of the neighbors in the village in favor of their couples. They have to give birth to the child. In the past, due to the restrictions of fertility, the restrictions have been relaxed. In the pastEssence

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