Women try to avoid these foods as much as possible after they are pregnant, which may damage their stomach and affect their baby’s development.

Women should supplement more nutrition after pregnancy, so diet focuses on nourishing, because what is eaten at this time is no longer satisfied with a person’s need, and it is necessary to provide the nutrients necessary for the baby in the belly as much as possible.The nutrition of pregnant mothers should be balanced and comprehensive. It is not necessary to eat anything if you want to eat, so pay more attention to your usual diet. Women try to avoid these foods after pregnancy, which may damage the stomach and affect the baby’s development.

The first is horseshoe.Most people like the crispy taste and sweet taste of the horseshoe, but the horseshoe is a cold food. If it is used to make soup with the horseshoe, it will occur seriously for a long time.Horses can also eat less in normal times, and don’t eat a lot for a moment of greedy enjoyment.Moms who are pregnant for this food should also avoid.

The second is bitter gourd.Bitter gourd is a good food in summer, and the nutrients contained in it are also very helpful to the human body, but because the taste is too bitter, many people are unwilling to eat.Women should eat less or not bitter gourd when they are pregnant. One is because bitter gourd is a cool food, and eating too much will hurt the stomach and stomach; the other is because there is something called Qinsun in the bitter gourd.Too much influence, but once the pregnant mother eats too much, it will affect the baby’s development, which will cause abortion, which will be greatly damaged to the baby’s health.

The third food is cassava.Because the appearance of sweet potatoes is very similar to that, many people think that cassava is sweet potato, but the difference is that cassava is long, and the taste is different from sweet potato.There is a carcinatian in the cassava, which will damage the body without handling it when it is made.Pregnant mothers should eat less. Babies eating cassava for a long time may face the risk of malformation after birth.

The fourth type of food is lentils.In daily life, it is a very common ingredient, but it is important to note that it must be cooked. The unfamiliar lentils have a certain toxicity. If you eat too much, you will be poisoned. The general symptoms are dizziness and weakness.Especially mothers who do not cook, do not try to eat lentils easily, have an impact on themselves, and will cause damage to babies in the belly.

During the pregnancy, pregnant mothers should pay more attention to diet. One must ensure the green health of food, and the other must ensure the comprehensive balance of nutrition. We must provide sufficient nutritional support and material guarantee for the baby in the belly.Only when mothers eat the baby can they eat well.The four foods mentioned above must eat less during the period of pregnancy.

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