Women have these 4 feelings, indicating that they are "pregnant", men should not be too great

Young people in life always know that they are pregnant.Why can’t some people always feel that they are pregnant?And some people noticed them smartly?Generally speaking, what phenomenon will there be once?What do you feel about your body?As a woman, when you have these four feelings, it means that he is "pregnant".Don’t care too much as a man and woman.

When a woman has these four feelings, it means that you are "pregnant":

1. Breast swelling and pain

In the early stages of pregnancy, women will find that the breasts will be a bit sore compared to before. In fact, this is mainly because of the stimulation of pregnancy in the early pregnancy, which leads to the increase in estrogen and luteum concentration in women’s body, which has promoted the breast body.This is why the breasts have become bigger during breastfeeding, which means that she is pregnant.

2. Physical fatigue

During the stimulation of luteum concentration during pregnancy, women have increased the temperature in the human body. At this time, the pregnant mother will feel the status quo of the body is particularly exhausted and physical strength.This situation shows that you have already conceived your baby.

3, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting

Sometimes women feel that they have no appetite in their diet, especially if they have not eaten, they have been nauseous and nauseous, and want to vomit. In fact, these situations are mainly due to physical pregnancy.symptom.With such behavior, it means that you have succeeded in pregnancy.

4, frequent urine

Sometimes women feel that they do n’t drink water a day, and they have been desperately running the toilet. In fact, this is mainly due to the changes caused by the hormonal secretion in the body after pregnancy, which brings pressure on the kidney urinary function.This proves that you already have a baby.

Do you have these four feelings as a model couple?Xiaobian wishes the loving couple in the world as willing to take a good "pregnancy"!

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