Women do high -altitude paint workers for more than ten years to make money to support their families: the older the age, the more scared

CCTV News (Reporter Wang Jingyuan Peng Jun): "Although I am very embarrassed, I like what I work hard." Zhang Fangfang is a painter. She and her husband have been engaged in this industry for nearly 20 years.At first, she did paint in the inner wall. 13 years ago, after the birth of her younger son, in order to give her family a better life, she began to make high -altitude paint in the exterior wall. She gave herself a nickname "Spider -Man Xiaofang".

Zhang Fangfang is 38 years old, from rural Fuyang, Anhui, and is the mother of two children.In 2006, after her eldest son was born, she found a job of a food factory, 300 yuan a month, not dirty or tired, and took care of her own expenses.Slowly, there were more and more places to use money at home. She was distressed that her parents were old but still so hard. She thought about making more money to make up for the family. During that time, she thought about it every day.

At that time, Zhang Fangfang’s husband was a painter at the construction site. When he was good, he could pay 900 yuan a month."It’s all hands and feet, he can earn so much, can I not make it?" She wanted to follow her husband’s dry paint, but he disagreed and felt that the construction site was too hard.Zhang Fangfang had a bad temper and resigned from the food factory without discussing with his family. After returning home at night, she told her husband that "I will go to the construction site with you tomorrow."

The next day, Zhang Fangfang followed her husband to go out. After arriving at the construction site, she asked her husband to teach herself to scrape the putty. Her husband did not teach, and she had to learn from other workers.

There are very few high -rise buildings in Fuyang more than ten years ago. The exterior walls are used for bamboo poles. After the construction is completed, the bamboo pole must be removed. The eaves of the outer wall must be processed from the rope on the roof of the sixth floor.

Coincidentally, Zhang Fangfang’s husband at the other construction site, he invited the workers to come to the rope. I did not expect that the other party had 200 yuan."As soon as the worker left, she regretted it. Her husband was not around, and she was accepting the next day.In a hurry, Zhang Fangfang decided to lower the rope. She had seen her husband’s operation before, and probably remembered that he tied the rope and tied the cow nose. This was the first time she had a rope in her life.Anxious".

When some workers came out to fight putty, they saw Zhang Fangfang hanging on the outer wall and hurriedly called her husband.After her husband arrived, she chopped her head and learned a lesson, but Zhang Fangfang was very happy. One was because "I know he cares about me", and the other is that she has done her job by herself without delay in acceptance.

In this way, Zhang Fangfang began to work with her husband at the construction site.Later, Fuyang’s high -rise buildings became more and more high -rise buildings, and the inner walls became more and more sought after. They did not do it for a while. The couple stayed at home for a few weeks. Zhang Fangfang panicked.

One day, a friend called and asked if he was willing to go to the rope under the high level. It was 260 yuan a day."Zhang Fangfang lied to her husband that the construction site was only one person, and she was doing the inner wall. Her husband did not agree with her to lower the rope."The most afraid of doing this rope is the accident. What if there is something wrong, what should the child’s parents do?" She didn’t want her husband to go because he was the master of the family and could not have an accident.

Zhang Fangfang described the experience of the first rope from the high level, which was the most sad and memorable memory in her life, and "the helplessness of life."

The building is 26 floors. This is the first time she has such a high building in Fuyang. Many workers have come to the high salary. As a result, they left after arriving at the construction site.EssenceZhang Fangfang later learned that the construction site was unable to recruit her turn. At that time, more than 40 workers put ropes on the outer wall, only she was a woman.

Zhang Fangfang was scared, tears kept turning her eyes, and she tried to calm herself down."I tell myself, I said Xiaofang, you are not qualified to cry. You have to understand what the purpose you come here is that I want to make money to give my parents a better life. If this time I gave upWhere can I earn 260 yuan? "Just do it, she tied the rope to her body, tied it, lost and pulled up, and re -tied again.When I watched it, I couldn’t help but step back. I was really scared. I couldn’t control and kept crying. "

High -altitude paint workers are higher than many workers on the construction site. In order to make money, Zhang Fangfang touched his scalp and gradually learned to get along with fear and potential risks.She is working on two jobs at the same time, and she earns a little more at high -altitude paint workers. She can earn 500 yuan a day.

Zhang Fangfang felt that it was a good thing to be afraid of doing this. Only when he was afraid can he pay attention to safety issues.But she and her husband had an agreement that she could not tell her parents about her rope.

On one occasion, Zhang Fangfang’s mother -in -law’s colleague accidentally brushed the video of her rope, and her mother -in -law immediately called to call them home.As soon as Zhang Fangfang entered the house, he saw his parents, sisters, and brothers. The mother -in -law slapped her husband in front of the crowd and blamed them to hide their elders. However, Zhang Fangfang’s parents never spoke, but she burst into tears silently. "My heart hurts as much as a knife. "

In order not to worry the elderly, she changed her career to sell snacks. As a result, she couldn’t do it for two months. "The burden on the family of two boys is too heavy."Zhang Fangfang called the parents of the two parties together to ensure that he would take care of his own safety. "My mother said that only one requirement is that when I get out of get off work every day, I will call her to tell her that I am home."

Zhang Fangfang no longer hides his son.One year in the summer vacation, one day, her son had to follow her to the construction site. She painted it at a high altitude. The son stood with a bottle of water and motionless.When Zhang Fangfang came down from the rope, the son cried with her holding her, and she also cried together.Since then, she found that her son’s grades have slowly risen, "I feel that the child is suddenly sensible."

High -altitude paint workers have been sitting for more than ten years. Sitting on the rope are four or five hours. Like other workers, Zhang Fangfang also has the problem of lumbar disc herniation.

Although the technology is getting more and more proficient, the fear of each rope has continued to increase, and this "fear" is also changing.At a young age, the rope was mainly afraid of high. Nowadays, people are afraid of middle age. "When I stepped into the construction site, the first thing I thought of was the family. Because my responsibility was not completed, the burden on my body was not yet on my body.Pick up.

When registering a short video account, Zhang Fangfang gave himself a name -Spider -Man Xiaofang.Walking on the road on weekdays, she couldn’t control her head looking up at every building she had done. Friends said that she was an occupational disease.In the short videos she released, the most commonly appeared copywriting was: Although I was very embarrassed, I liked myself very much, the fruits I earned, and I was sweet in my mouth.

Source: CCTV

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