Women died of cold skin poisoning, and the city was banned?Official notice

On the 15th, according to the announcement of the Henan Provincial People’s Government Office of Henan Province, recently, it was reported on the Internet: "The two women in Yongcheng have died of poison in Liangpi" "The city’s Liangpi shop has been sealed, and it will not be sold for the time being."

"In response to the situation, the market regulatory authorities immediately investigated the relevant Liangpi shops. No abnormal situation was found. All Liangpi shops in Yongcheng City were operating normally. Public security organs are investigating related issues."

According to news reports, on July 14, the Yongcheng Market Supervision and Administration Bureau confirmed that there was a poisonous incident, and the city’s Liangpi enterprises had been raised. The casualties were not grasped. The local public security had intervened.

On July 15th, a family member of the person said to the news that his relative Xiao Lan (pseudonym) and Xiao Lan’s aunt were purchased on July 3. After eating, the taste was a bit wrong and suspected of deteriorating.The next morning, Aunt Xiaolan was sent to the hospital with a problem, and Xiao Lan had discomfort at night.After hospitalization, Aunt Xiaolan still died unfortunately. Xiao Lan was still under treatment in the intensive care unit, and the situation was not optimistic.The doctor told his family that the two were poisoning of rice yeast acid.On July 15, the Shangqiu Municipal Party Committee’s Internet Information Office stated that the relevant departments were conducting investigations. After the investigation was over, they would definitely notify the outside world.

At noon on July 14th, the journalists contacted a number of local restaurants in the local area to learn that Yongcheng did require temporarily removed Liangpi to stop sales.Liangpi made by machine, produced in the store, has not been restricted by self -produced and self -sale, and can be sold.The reason for the temporary suspension of sale is that some shop owners say "unclear"; some shop owners say that I heard that someone wholesale Liangpi has been stored for too long, not preserved, and something happened.Yongcheng Xuefeng Street Office and Yongcheng Market Supervision and Administration confirmed that the poisoning incident has indeed occurred, the public security department has been involved, and the casualties are not mastered.The Yongcheng Market Supervision and Administration Bureau also said that the bureau has performed a random inspection of the city’s production of Liangpi. The test is currently underway, the reason is unclear.

Xiaolan Aunt’s Test Report (provided by the respondent)

On July 15, a netizen spoke online. His relatives and relatives’ auntie a few days ago had a case of death and 1 injury. The purchase location was a market in Yongcheng.Looking at the journalist contacted the netizen Mr. Mu (Hua’s surname).According to Mr. Mu’s description, one of the poisoned two was his relative Xiao Lan, a girl, 20 years old, one was Xiao Lan’s aunt, 51 years old.

Mr. Mu said that at noon on July 3rd, Xiao Lan (pseudonym) and Xiao Lan’s aunt bought Liangpi home from a vegetable market in Yongcheng.After eating, the two felt a little weird and suspected that the cold skin was deteriorated, but they didn’t care about the two after eating.On the morning of July 4, everyone couldn’t contact Xiao Lan’s aunt, and no one answered at the door, so she pused in and found that Xiao Lan’s aunt vomited in her mouth and fainted.Therefore, everyone sent Aunt Xiaolan to Yongcheng People’s Hospital and transferred to the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University.In the afternoon of that day, Xiao Lan had symptoms of dizziness and nausea. At that time, he thought it was hypoglycemia. As a result, he vomited and diarrhea at night. He couldn’t get up on the morning of the 5th.

Mr. Mu said that Xiao Lan went to the hospital to hang a hanging bottle for treatment on the 5th, but the symptoms did not improve. The next day, the transaminase suddenly reached more than 6,000.Therefore, he and other relatives were also sent to the first affiliated hospital of Zhengzhou University with other relatives.On the 7th, Xiao Lan was sent to the intensive care unit.After the test, the doctor of the hospital told his family that Xiao Lan and Aunt Xiaolan were poisoned by rice yeast acid.According to the test report provided by Mr. Mu, the rice yeast acid in Xiaolan’s blood is 8.603 μg/ml, and the aunt of Xiaolan Aunt’s blood is 8.002 μg/ml, and the rice yeast acid in the urine is 0.219 μg//ml.After many days of rescue, Xiao Lan still died unfortunately on the 9th.At present, Xiaolan has been transferred back to the hospital in Yongcheng and is continuing treatment in the intensive care unit, but the situation is very optimistic. "Now, the treatment fee is more than 10,000 a day.

Xiaolan’s test report (provided by the respondent)

Mr. Mu told the journalist that Xiao Lan’s family was not good, but the family was reluctant to give up and had always thought about raising money.Mr. Mu confirmed that after the incident, the family members did conduct alarm treatment. At present, the police are still dealing with, and he has not learned about the latest situation.

Tips: Pay attention to summer powder

According to the reminder of the Guangdong Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, under the weather conditions of humidity and rain and cold and cold, river powder, intestinal powder (rolling powder), Chencun powder, noodles, rice noodles (rice noodles), Setan powder, Liangpi and other wet rice noodles, as well asTremella, fungus and other foods are easily contaminated by coconut poison and pseudo -bacteria to produce rice yeast acid toxins. After misclax, it is easy to cause symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea. Severe may lead to death.

According to Guangdong Disease Control reminders: After eating food contaminated by rice yeast acid, poisoning symptoms generally begin to appear in about 30 minutes.,even death.Unfortunately, there are currently no special effects detoxification drugs. Once poisoned, the mortality rate is as high as 40%.

Comprehensive: website of Yongcheng People’s Government, Henan Province, Overview News (Reporter Zhang Weike Renli)

Source: China News Network

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