Women did not get married and pregnancy accidentally, not handling well, and 3 aspects directly affected their lives for a lifetime

Contemporary society is becoming more and more open. There are many young people who talk about love at a young age. After entering college, it is even more so. On the playground and corridor, a couple who holds hands and snuggle with each other is very yearning and longing for sweet sweetness.Love, but at the same time, unexpectedly happened.

Tian Tian, like other teenagers who long for love, fantasize about the beauty of love. She was a freshman, her green, shy, did not pay attention to her appearance, and no one chased.After dressing up, he quickly won some suitors with looks and temperament.Among these pursuers, there is a senior who is one taller than her. He looks handsome and has a good family situation. Every time he has a festival, there are special persons to pick up and drop off. Not only that, this senior has a good personality, and he is very patient.It was also very careful that Tian Tian was attracted by the conditions of all aspects of the senior. In the next semester of the sophomore, he came with the senior. The students in the class all envy them, and they also praised Tian Tian.

After two months of formal, Tian Tian was pregnant and abandoned by the senior. Tian Tian hated himself why he didn’t protect himself. If he was sober, he might not be able to reach this step.Later, Tian Tian dragged his embarrassed body and lived a long, boring, and painful day. Fortunately, Tian Tian cheered up at the end and successfully got rid of the shadow.

It is not the worst in the encounter like Tian Tian. It is just stunned by love. I can see the ugliness of human nature earlier, and it is also alert to the future.

@: "Now people’s thoughts are more open, and they are pregnant in junior high school and high school. Don’t say that college students are, because it is too open, so that the child has no bottom line.One of the victims, I really regret not educating her in this area, and now I regret it too late. "

@: "I had such an experience. When I was in college, the boy was very good to me. Everything was based on me. It was because of this that I trusted him very much. Once, he said that it was safe to be safe.I was fine when I did n’t take measures. At that time, I did n’t understand it, so I believed him, and I could imagine it. Later, my boyfriend felt shameful and asked me to go to the hospital alone to be abortion. The eyes of the patients and doctors around me were like a knife.Cut my body as well, it feels too painful. "

@我: "I said a matter of my people around me. When I was in college, there was a girl in the same bedroom. I met a boss by chance. Since then, she has been attracted by the life of the rich.It is a common thing to play at night. Later, I simply lived directly outside. When I saw her again, she was already disappointed.If you are pregnant, you can only choose a miscarriage. The boss is naturally running. "

1. First of all, it is a physical impact."Flowing" hurts women with great damage, especially in the process of "people". In order to clean up the tissue in the palace, doctors need to be destroyed and removed.Future fertility.

2. Secondly, it is a psychological influence.If women’s accidental pregnancy chooses "flow" and is related to her boyfriend’s inaction or irresponsibility, then women will be psychologically rejected by men in the future, and they will even feel inferior because of this incident.

3. Finally, the impact of future life.Girls will face marriage and have children in the future, and live with her husband for decades. If we bring this sense of guilt, guilt, and a sense of rejection of sex, how can I enjoy real happiness?

Therefore, women must see clearly and learn to protect themselves. Don’t destroy their lives for a moment of joy.

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