Women bring their children to the ex -husband’s wedding cable to raise fees: I have been hacked, I can’t find anyone usual

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According to the Jiupai News video report, on July 7, in Bengbu, Anhui, a woman rumored that a woman took her daughter to ask for support at the ex -husband’s new wedding wedding, causing heated discussions.

In the video, a couple are getting married. When I came down from the car, a little girl and parents came. The little girl kept saying, "Dad gives me support for me."

The parties Ms. Zhang said that her ex -husband owed a year and a half of the raising fee and could not contact him. Executive judges could not execute any property, and helplessly looked for him at the wedding.

In response, Ms. Zhang’s father’s father said: Ms. Zhang banned relatives from visiting her children. Paying for the support fee for many times is cash.

Regarding the ex -husband’s father, Ms. Zhang did not agree, and said, "The 7,000 yuan given is the first court execution model, and it has not been received in the future."

Ms. Zhang also said: On the day of marriage, the matchmaker gave himself 2,000 yuan, so that he would not make trouble at the wedding. The man’s father also admitted that he did give the money.

According to the "boiling point video" report, the woman asked for support for the fare at the wedding scene, and the ex -husband called the police on the spot.

Ms. Zhang said that her ex -husband often violence her before, and then divorced her due to her derailment."When I was married to him, I violently messed up every day. When I was pregnant, I also violently me. When the child was two months old, I still violently me. I didn’t understand it at that time and did not call the police."

The court ruled that the ex -husband paid the child’s support for 600 yuan per month. The ex -husband had money but did not give it. He had no money for money."I sued the court twice before, but later he learned the essence. He asked the boss to pay him cash."

Because I can’t find anyone usual, I can only bring my daughter to the wedding scene to support the fee.Ms. Zhang said that the child can afford itself, but he can’t swallow it."He got married that day, and I took my child to sit in the hall. The groom never asked the child to be hungry or thirsty."


@: Good to do it well

@: There are face alarms?

@茵: Support, it is best to know where he lives and knows his colleagues

@家 @_: domestic violence is unbearable!Intersection

@30799: Will there be a retribution when such a man is old?

@83589: I am afraid that I will go back to let my daughter pension after getting old, and I am rationally said that my daughter has obligations to raise him. I can think of any organization will abduct the girl in the name of morality.

@_Allen: Does this bride see this scene indifferent?The heart is so big

@I feel that they are charming.

@DF21172: Not a family, do not enter a door.

@: Only six hundred.

@: The ex -husband is very scum. I believe that this mother has also tried to take this method without using it, but whether to consider whether the child should be involved in it. She is 7 years old and is forming her own worldview.No matter what the purpose, it is not a good thing for her growth.

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