Women are pregnant and have children, but they are very painful, but they are not arrogant

Which woman is not sprung up? Which woman does not want to be a mother?It’s just that this society has too high requirements for women–

The country advocates the second child, the hospital advocates breast milk. Experts do not advocate the intergenerational to bring their baby, and the society requires women to be economic independence. The baby is eager to accompany her mother at all times. My mother -in -law wants her daughter -in -law to follow her. Her husband hopes to take care of him.Elastic

Indeed, many little fairies are pregnant, starting to give birth!

Before pregnancy, mother -in -law and mother will be responsible for being afraid of the best pregnancy age. The neighbor’s aunt also asked if she was about to give birth every day. It was the hard -working meat!Colleagues and friends will also care about inquiries without care!

Hi, there are so many people who care about us, and you are just one of them!The entire baby, in order to block the mouth of Yoyo!

After several months of folic acid, exercise, exercise

Finally … pregnancy

Discover after pregnancy

Some knowledge does not need to turn on the air conditioner when it is hot enough

For example, the blood volume in the body will increase by 50% during pregnancy

These excess blood appears through the skin

Let my mother look blingBling

There is also a very strange phenomenon

If you hear your baby cry during pregnancy

It may secrete milk

Is this mother’s glory?

Nothing to be low -key

After pregnancy

The uterus will increase 500 times

Feeling elasticity

The uterus should be increased by 500 times

This has made me sad

After all, the belly is completely restored to the original shape and is unlikely

did not expect

Foots also grow

Give me a chance to buy and buy again

How cold knowledge is

How painful women’s hearts are

Suspicious life in pregnancy vomiting

I can’t wait to live in the toilet

After avoiding the cramps of the legs and the constipation

But I didn’t escape any posture to sleep. I was uncomfortable.

Turtle -type turtle -style

Plus the husband who is snoring next to it

I really want to unload the goods soon

My aunt hurts when she is in love

My boyfriend will give you up to you

Headache after marriage

Husband may draw the game vacant stage and pinch you

Can suffer from pubic bone pain during pregnancy

Men will never understand

That kind of pain makes people feel painful

After surviving pubic pain, contraction pain

But the moment the baby pulls away from the body

It’s so distressed to be unable to describe

I thought it would be easy after giving birth

Actually all suffering

just began

Such as the suffering of eating night milk

There are more taboos than pregnancy

The postpartum leakage is embarrassing

Unrelated stretch marks

The helplessness of chasing milk

Crazy postpartum hair loss


The difficulty of communicating with my husband

It’s difficult to get along with mother -in -law

The collapse and helplessness of the mood

… …

A woman

Mom and dad have been holding in the palm of your hand since childhood

I am reluctant to marry you with tears

Give a baby with your last name

As a man

You do n’t hurt if you choose a woman, who hurts?

The suffering of pregnancy, the pain of giving birth to a baby, the suffering and tiredness of raising baby, the requirements of society and families with women, all kinds of things are added to women, it is really heavy!

Please go to women who have no incoming iron and the whole family!Are you watching?Let more people see it!

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