Women are invaded by university teachers to get pregnant?School response

“2023 Parenting Season”Recently, a netizen broke the news that he was sexually assaulted by a teacher of Zhengzhou University 11 years ago, causing him to be taken to the hospital after pregnancy.This angry and shocking news caused a strong response in social media. The majority of netizens have called for severe punishment for criminals and protecting the victim’s rights.

As parents, we are most worried about their children’s infringement.The education community is an area involving a large number of minors, and this incident occurred in one of the top domestic universities -Zhengzhou University.In the face of this situation, we must firmly safeguard the children’s rights and must not tolerate any crimes that violate minors together.

It is understood that the work department of the Party Committee of Zhengzhou University has issued a explanation that it attaches great importance to the incident and set up a working group for investigation as soon as possible.During the investigation, all the teachers involved in the teaching activities will be suspended.The school will handle the results according to law and discipline and regulations, and actively cooperate with the judicial investigation to protect the rights and interests of the victims.

We believe that Zhengzhou University will treat this seriously, deal with it fairly, and take measures to ensure the safety of every student on the campus.At the same time, we also call on other universities and colleges to establish a comprehensive system and mechanism of anti -sexual assault as soon as possible, ensure the safety environment of campus, and provide students with a safe, healthy, conducive to learning and growth space.

As parents, we should strengthen their children’s education and supervision, and let them learn to prevent sexual assault and protect their rights.At the same time, we must respect the children’s personality and dignity, so that they will gradually grow in their ability to think and self -protection, and make the road of parenting better.

We can’t tolerate such a bad incident!Let us continue to pay attention to the progress of this matter and call on everyone to jointly safeguard the safety of campus and protect the rights of children.

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