Women are derailed and pregnant in their marriage, and they have a child after divorce.

Ms. Wang and her husband, Mr. Zhang, worked in the same place in the same place, and both were locals.Ms. Wang is petite and cute, beautiful and moving.The two met and slowly came together at a company party. Two years later, they walked into the palace of marriage.

After the marriage, the marriage life was very happy, and soon had the crystallization of love. A cute daughter added a lot of color to the happy family.

Soon after, Mr. Zhang was promoted to the director of the business department. He was reused at the age of 30. For a young man with not many family backgrounds, it is not easy.Mr. Zhang is also full of ambition, dreaming that he wants to do his career and give his wife and daughter a better life.

Mr. Zhang’s business ability is very strong. Other people have been unpredictable. He always has a way to talk about. He always has the impulse and patience that others do not have.The company’s leadership task is well completed, and the customer is also willing to deal with him for a long time.In the eyes of the company’s colleagues, Mr. Zhang slowly became the object of everyone’s looking up.

The moon is full of shade, and there are unexpected winds in the sky. Sometimes the fate of people is so elusive.Just when everyone believed that Mr. Zhang’s future was unlimited, the company’s routine physical detection of Mr. Zhang had abnormal renal function and eventually diagnosed with renal failure.This news is tantamount to the thunderbolt for Ms. Wang and Mr. Zhang.Fortunately, Mr. Zhang’s sister provided Mr. Zhang with kidney source and successfully transplanted.It is okay after recovery after surgery. The company also takes care of Mr. Zhang, and arranged a relatively easy position for Mr. Zhang.But what is unexpected is that at this time, the relationship between Ms. Wang and Mr. Zhang had problems.

The reason for the incident is like this. During Mr. Zhang’s illness, the doctor suggested that Ms. Wang and Mr. Zhang should sleep in separate rooms.At first, they were unwilling, but in order to ensure that Mr. Zhang could take a good rest and recover his health as soon as possible, Ms. Wang still slept to the next room with her daughter.Perhaps it was a long time to live in or for other reasons, and there were some gaps between the couple.Coupled with Mr. Zhang, due to the illness, his temper is more irritable. The couple often quarrel with some trivial matters. After a long time, it affects the emotional life of the two people.

Since then, Ms. Wang has not loved home very much. She often lives with her daughter to her mother’s house.Due to many contradictions, the relatives of the two sides coordinated several times, and Ms. Wang thought of divorce.Mr. Zhang did not agree with the divorce, but Ms. Wang’s attitude was very resolute. Finally, the court was resorted to the court. Under the mediation of the court, the two sides eventually agreed to divorce at the end of July of that year.

Originally gathered and scattered, and now the divorce is very sparse. There is nothing to say, but Mr. Zhang always feels that the woman is sick because of her illness, and she is abandoned by the other party.However, the woman was so decisive, and Mr. Zhang couldn’t.Who would have thought that Mr. Zhang later listened to his relatives and said that the woman gave birth to a child in February the next year, and she was even more depressed.Calculated by the days, this child should be pregnant during the marriage period of Ms. Wang and Mr. Zhang, but Mr. Zhang has not been in the same room with his wife for various reasons for various reasons.Before divorcing himself, he was derailed and pregnant with other people’s children.

The pain abandoned by his wife has not been dispersed. He also heard that such a thing was.After hearing the court, the woman had an extramarital affairs with other men during the marriage duration, and pregnant and having children, which violated the loyalty of the husband and wife and caused damage to Mr. Zhang’s spirit.In the end, the court supported Mr. Zhang’s request to judge Ms. Wang to compensate Mr. Zhang of 10,000 yuan.

Postscript: When I first heard this story, I felt that the storyline was very bloody, but it seemed normal to think about it.Mr. Zhang’s poor health, Ms. Wang is nothing wrong with finding a good couple. The fault is not derailed in marriage.As the saying goes, the couple are Tonglin Bird.How many couples can there be a pair of couples who can really be poor, rich, rich, and blessed?

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