Women are "trapped into pigs" after pregnancy?In addition to pregnancy reactions, these reasons must also know

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My girlfriend Tongtong has been particularly bad these days, because of pregnancy, she is always sleepy as "people."

Sometimes I even fell asleep while sitting in a chair. A few days ago I had to sleep because of my lunch break, delaying my work.

In fact, many pregnant women have said that the biggest problem facing during pregnancy is that they are particularly easy to sleep, and sleeping has also become their favorite leisure way.

But it is worth noting that even if the pregnant mother guarantees her sufficient sleep every night, the next day is still inevitable. If you are sleepy, you can sleep with your mobile phone, sleep at work, you can be sleepy.It is continuous.

Pregnant mothers listen to: "Pregnancy" can be easily solved without sleep!

Pregnant mothers in the early pregnancy are trapped due to the influence of the increased secretion of progesterone in the body. This is very common and is normal physiological.

In general, after the early stages of pregnancy, the symptoms of drowsiness will be relatively relieved, and pregnant mothers do not need to be too nervous.

In fact, in addition to the main factor of progesterone, there are some reasons that make the pregnant mother sleepy out of control. Let’s be popular below.

Reason 1. The secretion of progesterone

Pregnant women in the first three months of pregnancy are the easiest to be trapped. The main reason is that women are in a "stress state" in the early days of pregnancy -in order to protect the fetus and prevent abortion, a large number of progesterone will be secreted.Make women’s uterus in a "softness’.

But things are both two -sided. Although progesterone has a protective effect on the fetus, it is not very friendly to the mother.

When the content of progesterone is greater than a certain value, the pregnant mother will feel soft and easy to sleep, so it is the ‘culprit of the pregnant mother’s trapped "!

Reasons II, increase in body temperature

Women after pregnancy, because of the presence of the baby, will have a slightly higher body temperature than usual.

The basic metabolic speed of the human body will change with the temperature, so the metabolism of pregnant women is relatively fast, which makes it easier for pregnant women to feel weak than ordinary people and the phenomenon of "drowsiness".

Reason three, excessive spiritual concentration

In the early stages of pregnancy, the body of women will change a series of changes. The proportion of various hormones in the body has changed, and the changes in various hormones secretion are huge; the occurrence of pregnancy reactions is sensitive to odor, nausea and vomiting, and chest and abdomen pain.

Many women will feel nervous because of this, and the long -term nervous and sensitive mental state makes it easier for pregnant mothers to feel tired, and then it is particularly easy to sleep.

Doctors suggest: During pregnancy, women must avoid excessive tension, learn to relax, and believe that they and their family can take care of this unbelievable life.

If the pregnant mother is sleepy, go to bed immediately. Don’t think too much at night. Otherwise, if you sleep at night, you will be more sleepy during the day.

Women who are pregnant always feel sleepy and want to sleep. It is a normal physiological condition, so pregnant women should not worry about physical problems, but should accept and adapt to this phenomenon.

And in order to make the baby develop better, mothers should pay more attention to the following small details:

Pay attention to diet health

Pregnant women do not eat spicy foods, ice cream, cold drinks and other irritating foods during pregnancy. These foods will have a great impact on the development of the fetus and may even cause abortion.

It is recommended that pregnant women: eat some high -nutrition foods, such as eating eggs every day, eating high -dimensional C fruits and vegetables, etc. This is very good.

The main thing is that pregnant women should not take medicine without a doctor, because some drugs may cause abortion of fetus.

When it’s okay, pregnant mothers can take more walks and relax while relaxing their mood.

Sleep when you want to sleep

When pregnant mothers are sleepy and want to sleep, they should rest as soon as possible, and pay attention to the surrounding environment of falling asleep.

Pregnant women’s body temperature is higher than ordinary people. We can appropriately make the indoor temperature lower than usual;

Use curtains to cover some sunlight and give pregnant mothers a slightly dim light environment;

Keep as quiet as possible, or play the light music of sleep aid, making it easier for pregnant mothers to enter the state of sleep.

Successive sleep is a lot of benefits to pregnant women and fetuses, but excessive drowsiness is unhealthy. A person’s daily sleep time should not be more than 12 hours, otherwise it is likely to be counterproductive and harm health.

When pregnant women want to sleep during the day, it is best not to exceed 1 hour.

Select "Left Lie" when sleeping posture

In the early pregnancy, as long as pregnant women can sleep with peace of mind, what kind of sleeping posture is okay.

However, as the fetus’s body grows bigger and bigger, the size of the uterus will become larger, so that the uterus will compress the organs of the abdomen, and it may occur in unsmooth breathing.

This also caused many mothers to have difficulty falling asleep although they were sleepy.

Therefore, when pregnant women often feel that the uterus compression affects breathing, it is best to take the left lying position when sleeping. This is a sleeping posture to reduce the compression of the uterus, and it can also better flow back to the heart and brain.

Dissatiousness after pregnancy is a normal situation that every woman in pregnancy is encountered, but because each person’s physical condition is different, the relative degree of lethargy is also different.

Pregnant mothers should start from their actual situation and do not compare excessive comparison with other pregnant women.It is hoped that every family who is ready to welcome new life can give pregnant women sufficient companionship and trust, and then wait for the birth of happiness.

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