Women after childbirth often have low back pain. Is it "the confinement is not sat well"?Inform you one article

With the opening of the three -child policy, more and more young women have experienced various physical changes and pain and discomfort. Every day, many postpartum women in the outpatient clinic will consult to consult for a doctor.The answer is definitely not. I ask their grandfather to be 6-8 children. The living conditions are difficult. They are "confinement without conditions".At this point, you should understand that there are many problems in postpartum women, not a confinement problem.”, New Life” Today, Dr. Kong will talk to you about the related health knowledge of women’s production.

During pregnancy, with the continuous changes in the fetus in the body, the pregnant mother’s own weight burden is relatively large, especially in the late pregnancy period, the proportion of each structure is relatively fast, such as infant individuals, amniotic fluid, fat, and uterus hypertrophyThe increase in blood volume has a direct connection with the load of the waist too much.

In addition, the abdomen of pregnant women’s abdomen and protrusions directly affect your own posture and body center of gravity.Move and wait.

Therefore, female pregnant mothers always feel that the waist is sore and uncomfortable. When walking or standing, I always like to split their hands on the back of the waist;Influence.

In the state where the pelvis is too forward, the structure of the bladder, rectum, and uterus will be directly squeezed. The reason why many women drink a little water during pregnancy, just like going to the toilet to urinate.The reason for too much; if it is severe, it will also cause these pelvic organs to prolapse; there are also increased rectal pressure, and the water nutrition in the intestine should be supplied to the fetus, which will cause constipation due to the loss of moisture;In the uterus and ovaries, it will affect the severe reaction of pregnancy and frequent vomiting.

As the fetus gradually increases in the pelvic cavity, the venous blood vessels connected to the legs of the legs may be compressed, which causes the obstacles of the remote feet backflow, the swelling of the lower limbs, and even the veins.

During pregnancy, especially in the early stages of delivery, the level of estrogen is constantly changing, and the impact of relaxation on the pelvis is particularly large. In order to smoothly produce, it provides a large birth canal. Under the impact of hormones, the under the pelvis will be on the normal basis of normal basis.Great.

In this process, not only the pelvis changes from the left and right diameters, but also the front and rear diameters also change.Only when the sacrum nods the head movement can the left and right diameter of the iliac bone expand; and the lower and right diameter of the iliac bone will be expanded when the sacral nodded movement; the fetal head can enter the pelvis smoothly.Direct reason.

For this topic, many female friends may not understand and feel that they must lie down at home, and they can’t even blow a little wind and have cold water, otherwise they will fall off their sickness and confinement. Is this really the case?

Think about it, when you are pregnant, the body of female friends has changed so much. In October, how many people have paid attention to their own exercise problems during pregnancy?In February, her own body wind would fall, and walking is like driving and hanging, the kind that can’t be hung).

Therefore, after production, as long as you are discharged, it is recommended to go home and not lie in bed "confinement". Instead, you need to exercise and walk appropriately every day to activate your physical muscles in order to promote postpartum pelvic return and abdomen.Musical problems and other problems, will not cause various problems such as pain, leakage of urine, abdominal rectus muscle separation, and physical deformation in the later stage.If you wait for you to sit enough the so -called confinement, it will really be worse on dry snow.

I analyze the current problems of women’s production based on the concept of human professional mechanical knowledge. The purpose is to tell everyone to change the traditional concept and help everyone reduce the physical problems of various pain, embarrassment, or unspeakable postpartum.Please!

The relevant postpartum knowledge will be continuously updated in the future. If you are a postpartum mother, you can continue to pay attention!

I am Dr. Kong, who takes you to learn about health science popularization knowledge. The code word is not easy. If you agree with me, please help to like it or pay attention to it; sharing is a virtue, giving people roses, leaving incense in hand!Thank you for forwarding it with the person you need!

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