Wolfberry is wrong and it is more disadvantageous. These two types should be eaten with caution

Hello everyone, I am a doctorate in Chinese medicine Wang Baiqing."People have to be middle -aged, soaking wolfberry in the thermal insulation cup" is familiar. Nowadays, people’s general health methods are to soak wolfberry in the thermal insulation cup.Dizziness, tinnitus, head tenderness, redness and irritability, and soft waist and knees.There will also be a decrease in appetite, stuffy stomach or vomiting.

Lycium barbarum is a kind of ingredients for medicine and food. In addition to soaking in boiling water or using wolfberry for medicated diet, it is more used to treat liver and kidney yin loss, soft waist and knees, dizziness, dizziness, and eyesight.Tired, cough, thirst and other symptoms.The famous Fangzi Qiju Dihuang Wan is the main drug with wolfberry. Wolfberry is compatible with Chinese medicine such as chrysanthemums, cooked ground yellow, and wine meat, which can nourish the liver.However, there are two types of people who are not suitable for long -term wolfberry.

The first is the person with yin deficiency constitution.Wolfberry itself has the effect of nourishing yin and kidney. It has a certain treatment effect on yin deficiency. Patients with yin deficiency can eat wolfberry, but it is not suitable for long -term eating, especially in summer.Wolfberry is sweet and mild, and excessive dosage can cause the problem of liver fire and hyperthyroidism, such as causing people to get angry, nosebleeds, and even cause redness of eyes to be uncomfortable.So remind everyone that people with yin deficiency are not suitable for eating wolfberry for a long time, and they must reduce the amount when eating raw.

The second is a person with weak spleen and stomach.The spleen and stomach transportation function of such people is relatively weakened, and there will be a series of symptoms of indigestion, such as abdominal distension, stool, stool, etc.And wolfberry is nourishing yin, which is more greasy, so if the spleen deficiency takes wolfberry for a long time, it will further affect the transportation function of the spleen and stomach, and will aggravate the symptoms of indigestion.As a result, the wetness of the wetness in the body causes more discomfort. Therefore, before the spleen and stomach, patients with weak spleen and stomach eat wolfberry should be clear whether they can eat wolfberry under the guidance of a doctor’s syndrome differentiation.

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