With these tricks to alleviate motion sickness, are you still afraid of taking a car?

Almost everyone has experienced going out and taking a car, if motion sickness.Then it will naturally affect your travel.Most people have no way to change the motion sickness due to physical fitness. They feel very uncomfortable, dizziness and nausea, and even vomiting.In fact, we can use some small recruitment to help ourselves to relieve discomfort.

First, you ca n’t take a car in an empty stomach, but you ca n’t eat too much before you take the car. Do n’t go to the car with your stomach. In this case, you must eat some things before taking the car.But you can’t eat too much, otherwise gastrointestinal peristalsis and digestion, it is more likely to produce motion sickness.Second, drink vinegar with warm water before taking the car. We can drink some vinegar and warm water to effectively avoid motion sickness.Third, keep a happy mood and chat with people, everyone can’t be too nervous. You should relax and chat with others as much as possible.Exclude the obstacles of motion sickness in the car.Fourth, the hooding position is best to fix the head on the seat when it is lying on the car.It is stronger than any prevention of motion sickness.Fifth, the waist to reduce the motion sickness when we go out, we can choose to wear the waist, which can reduce the internal organs and reduce the motion sickness. If there is no waist clothes, we can take off the coat and tie it to the waist.6. What you need to buy suitable motion sickness drugs is that the motion sickness drugs are different under different circumstances.So buy suitable motion sickness drugs according to your car.Seven, do not play mobile phones, do not watch newspapers and magazines, try not to play mobile phones, do not read newspapers, because this can easily lead to motion sickness.Even if it is boring, don’t look at these things, you can sleep.The above are the tricks of motion sickness that we introduce to you. In fact, many people in life have motion sickness, so they are usually worried about travel, so they will have a great impact on their social networking.These tricks introduced to you are particularly simple. You can refer to it according to your actual situation.

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