Wind sputum disturbance, dizziness and headache!A classic famous recipe, dampness, flat liver wind, headache, headache

Today, I want to talk to you about headaches.

Faced with stubborn and repeated headaches, many patients want to ask what the reason is.

Here, friends with headache can be carefully stretched out of the mirror to look at the tongue.

If the tongue coating is white and heavy, usually a little disgusting and dizziness in the headache. Well, you are probably the object you want to talk about.

There are less gossip, you can let me first in this recipe <

Prepare Banxia, Gastrodia, Poria, Orange Red, Atractylodes, Licorice.Put these drugs with ginger, and 2 jujube decoction together, one dose daily.

It is a masterpiece. The above square agent actually turns into Pinellia Baiosis Gastrodia Soup in "Medical Heart".

There are many causes in this pain.

Among them, liver yang hyperthyroidism is the most common cause that cannot be ignored.However, there is also a cause that is becoming more and more common in contemporary people. This is wind and sputum disturbance.

What’s the meaning?This is to mention the phlegm in the patient’s body.One of the results of the patient’s spleen deficiency and phlegm and dampness, and phlegm dampness, is to inadvertently lead to liver wind.

The liver wind and phlegm dampness are mixed with each other, and the upper disturbances have formed the result of the common disease of the wind and phlegm.The main manifestation of the patient is dizziness and headache, while chest tightness and vomiting, a little nausea.

Looking at the tongue coating, the most distinctive symbol of such people is the thick tongue coating.

Therefore, if we want to know why we have a headache, we stretched out our tongue out carefully. If the tongue coating is greasy and the headache is nausea and disgusting, we must consider the cause of wind and sputum disturbance.

This is the valuable experience given us by the traditional medicine of the motherland.

So, what should I do at this time?Banxia Atractylodes Gastrodia Soup has given us a good inspiration.

The prince here is Pinellia and Gastrodia.In half summer, it has the skills of reducing phlegm, dampness, reducing reverse, and relieving vomiting.

Gastrodia, sweet and sweet, flat, enters liver meridians, and can flatten the liver and stop spasm.If a person’s liver wind moves, Gastrodia is a wonderful medicine that stops the wind.

It should be said that these two medicines, one for phlegm drinks, and one for liver wind, directly hitting the root of the disease is the key to the whole work.

Next, because the root of wind and sputum disturbances is still in the accumulation of phlegm drinks, and it seems difficult to completely reverse the situation, so we have to further resolve this phlegm drink problem.

So we saw Poria, Orange and Atractylodes.Poria can benefit water and wet.Atractylodes can strengthen the spleen and dampness.Both are good medicines that resolve the source of water and humidity.

Orange red can reason, so that phlegm dampness can be resolved smoothly.Sanwei medicine is together to completely alleviate the problem of water and wet accumulation.

Finally, we use licorice, ginger, and jujube to strengthen the spleen and make the spleen and yang self -reliance, laying the foundation for future rehabilitation.

In this way, patients can be thoroughly solved by the headache caused by wind sputum.

It can be seen that this pain has a certain relationship with phlegm dampness. If we can understand the essence above, we can get good treatment effects under the guidance of syndrome differentiation of Chinese medicine practitioners.

However, we must not use this method.For example, the headache caused by hyperactivity of the liver yang can not be used to use this method.

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