Will you give a premature birth if you take a bath wrong?Be careful when taking a bath during pregnancy

Knowing that after you are pregnant, what are the most afraid of pregnant mothers to take a bath?Afraid of slipping!But after pregnancy, the body was very afraid of heat. After a while, I sweated, my hair was greasy, and I couldn’t wait to take a bath every day.This is right. After women are pregnant, many special physiological changes have occurred in the body, such as sweat glands and sebaceous glands secrete strong, and they are prone to sweating. The oily secretions of sweat and head increase.The dirt on the head can affect the excretion function of the pores, and it is easy to cause infection and itching or other skin diseases.Therefore, pregnant women should often wash their hair, take a bath, change their clothes frequently, and keep their own cleanliness, which is conducive to the physical and mental health of pregnant women.

Then when taking a bath, pregnant mothers should pay attention to a few issues, otherwise it is easy to cause danger.

[Question 1: Can pregnant mothers take a bath?.

sure.Bathing when the weather is cold, heating is a big problem, otherwise it is easy to catch a cold.It is convenient to warm it with Yuba, but the pregnant mother is worried that the Yuba will have radiation, which will harm the fetus.Can pregnant women take a bath?

In fact, Yuba is a high -power incandescent lamp, which converts electrical energy to heat energy. For pregnant women, the radiation frequency generated by Yuba is usually only one -sixth of the mobile phone.Use Yuba.Pregnant mothers are really worried that they can warm up the bathroom with the bathroom first, and they can be turned off when they are washed.

[Question 2: Love to take a hot bath, but is the high water temperature be unfavorable to the fetus?.

In the early pregnancy, the water temperature should not be too high when taking a bath, and the temperature should not be cool by the skin.The water temperature is best warm at 27 ° C-37 ° C, which is about the same temperature as the body temperature or slightly higher than the body temperature.Because if the water temperature or room temperature is too high, the fetal development is likely to cause the fetus due to hypoxia.In the second trimester, it is not possible to take a hot bath, and the bathing time should not be too long, otherwise it is easy to occur in hypoxia and suffocation, and it may also cause hypoxia in the fetus.

[Question 3: Can pregnant mothers take a bath?.

It is not recommended to take a bath, because the blood circulation during pregnancy is different from ordinary people. If you experience cold and hot water during the bath, the adjustment of the heart and brain load is often different from ordinary people.Dizziness or collapse.The stomach of the pregnant mother is soaked in hot water for a long time, which can easily cause contractions and cause the danger of premature birth.

The best way to take a bath for pregnant mothers is shower.

The most important job of shower is non -slip, which can be equipped with a non -slip pad in the bathroom. At the same time, changing double -slip slippers can be safer.

[Question 4: How long is the bathing time?.

The shower room is generally narrow. As the temperature rises during the bath, the indoor oxygen gradually does not gradually increase, and pregnant women will experience symptoms such as dizziness, chest tightness, and weak limbs.If the duration is too long, the fetus will also have the phenomenon of hypoxia and the acceleration of the fetal heart rate due to insufficient oxygen supply. In severe cases, the development of the fetal nervous system will be adversely affected.Pregnant women should not take too long for bathing. It is recommended that pregnant women take a bath for about 10 to 20 minutes.

[Pay attention to methods of clean sensitive parts]

1. Navel

Remember to not be overly cleaned by the navel.Before taking a bath, use a cotton swab dipped in lotion to clean the dirt, and then wash it after softening.Do not excessive effort to hurt the skin around the navel, causing breaking skin bleeding, but it is easy to cause infection, causing serious damage to pregnant mothers and fetuses.

2. vulva

Washing and pregnancy must be cleaned every day, do not use a washing agent, avoid sitting bath, or rinse the vagina, otherwise it will affect the normal pH environment of the vagina and cause infection.Just use water.It is best to clean the anus after the stool, and it can also effectively prevent hemorrhoids.After taking a shower, don’t rush to put on panties. You can put on a loose gown or skirt. After the pussy is air -dried, you can put it on, so that you can effectively prevent itching of the genitals.

3. Breast

Stop the breasts with one hand, rub the other hand clockwise, and move gently to avoid causing uterine contraction.Pregnant mothers can apply olive oil after bathing to make the breast skin moist and tough, so that they can withstand the baby sucking after childbirth, otherwise it is prone to cracking nipples.

4. Under the armpits: The sweat glands are rich in armpits. Do not use hot water to stimulate it when bathing, or use a bath towel to rub it vigorously.You can rinse the arm with warm water. Because the skin tissue of the underarms is relatively relaxed, you can rub the shower solution out of the rich foam and clean it, and then press the fingertips to promote blood circulation.

Tip: Take a bath with a square scarf instead of a bath towel during pregnancy and apply the bath liquid to the small square scarf.Especially in spring, it is easy to dry skin, which is easier to stimulate the skin.

5, groin: When the shower, you should rinse the groin with warm water, and use two fingers to rub the groin from top to bottom.The obese person should pull the folds and scrub it carefully.

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