Will you eat raw onions?

Before going to the hospital to see my dad, what do the aunt in the question of the caregiver need to bring?My aunt told me that in addition to bringing some necessary napkins, diapers, pads and other items, I said that I brought two more onions over. I was a little surprised and asked: Do you want to burn onion?

Auntie said: If you don’t have to burn, you will give birth!

I bought two round red skin onions and took it. The aunt was very happy to see it, put it in her drawer, and took out an onion core for me.It’s over.It turned out that she peeled off the layers and eaten raw.She said that the vegetables in the cafeteria were not delicious, and she still likes to eat raw onions.It feels very enjoyable to eat raw onion!

The red leather round onion that I bought before

Then she said to me again: When I buy it next time, it is best to buy the kind of flat onion. Don’t be this round or this red skin.

She doesn’t say that I really don’t pay attention to so many different onions!

I don’t eat on the onions often.Once the home has burned onions, fried eggs, fried onions, fried yellow baicalensis, and onions fried slices. The onions are used as side dishes. As long as it is onion, you do n’t pay attention to the color and shape of the onion!

I also know that onions are a good thing. What are the blood lipids and blood pressure, reduce weight, lower blood sugar, etc., and can also prevent colds.I have read an article that introduces the influenza to prevent influenza, saying that I cut the onion and put it in the corner of the room to sterilize and prevent flu. I also tried it.

However, cutting onions really spicy eyes, a little uncomfortable, and not feeling particularly delicious, so I do n’t buy it often.

I asked the caregiver aunt: Is there any difference between Yuan and Bian?The aunt said that the flattelling can be eaten, and the layers of flesh are thick; the round of the core, the core cannot be eaten, and the flesh is thin.

I see!

I went to the vegetable market when I came back.Sure enough, the onion is round and flat, the round color is dark red, and the flat color is lighter.The price is slightly more expensive, 4 yuan per catty.

I ask the stall owner of selling onions. Can the onion raw?The sixty -year -old male stall owner said, "Can eat and eat!" He said that his hand was red and swollen before, just eat raw onion and eat well!He said that the onion was chopped, and it was delicious with vinegar and sesame oil, which was delicious!He is a foreigner. He didn’t fully understand his speech. He only understood it!

I bought three and wanted to leave one for myself.Since my aunt said that the raw onion is so delicious, I have to taste it.Anyway, there is no harm. Eating less first, it may stimulate the stomach and eyes.

I bought the flat onion I bought today

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