Will we cry during pregnancy?Will clothes cause miscarriage?What is the truth

I am pregnant, why do you always want to cry?

1. Change changes

We all know that during pregnancy, the emotions of pregnant moms often fluctuate sharply.This is because the estrogen, progesterone, and velvetic gonad hormone in the pregnant mother after pregnancy will suddenly rise, causing anxiety and uneasy emotions.

2. Physical change

After pregnancy, the body of pregnant moms will change. The most obvious is that the belly becomes larger, the body becomes fat and the legs become thicker, the skin becomes worse, and stretch marks will follow.

3. Excessive worry

Every time the birth check is worried that the results are not good, they are afraid of falling, they are afraid of eating wrong, coupled with the "taboos" said by relatives and friends from all walks of life, the nerves are fragile to the extreme, and they will feel wronged.If the family, especially her husband roared at this time, tears couldn’t stop flowing down.

Does crying during pregnancy affect the baby?

Pregnant moms cried occasionally, which can help release stress.But there must be a degree!

The fetus can hear the sound of the mother’s blood, the sound of speaking, the sound of water in the stomach, the sound of breathing, heartbeat, muscle and joint activity, and various voices of the outside world, and can make different reactions.Pregnant mothers have suffered from long -term bad emotional stimulation. After birth, infants often have physical dysfunction, especially the functional function of the digestive system is prone to disorders, vomiting, frequent stools, and obviously weight loss.In terms of emotions and behaviors, such babies often feel irritable, easy to be frightened, and often cry.

The impact of the bad emotions of pregnant moms on the fetus

1. Deform: Especially in the first two months of the fetus for forming human form, the bad emotions of pregnant moms may cause malformations in the fetus.

2. Abortion: Long -term uneasiness of pregnant moms increases the risk of abortion.

3. Abnormal fetal movement: Crying too much for pregnant moms will cause abnormal blood circulation and hypoxia in the body, which will cause abnormal fetal movement.

4. Premature birth: Excessive sadness in the third trimester can easily cause dangers such as uterine bleeding and placenta.

5. Affects the baby’s future growth: The long -term anxiety and fear of pregnant mommy can make the fetus form an unstable personality and temper.

Pay attention to behavior during pregnancy:

Can pregnant women go to detect the disease?

From a medical perspective, it is best for pregnant women to not visit the disease. The reason is that there are many germs in the hospital, which is the most vulnerable place. For the health of the mother and the fetus, pregnant women cannot go to the disease or go to the delivery room. Do not go to the delivery room.; The intention of the ancients was scientific and intellectual, but in order to make people convinced, it evolved into a taboo and warning way.

Will clothes cause miscarriage?

Sometimes because of changes in body shape and weight, pregnant women do some such as: holding arms, tiptoeing toes, etc., it is more difficult and unwell, and it is really easy to fall because of the unstable center of gravity.However, if it is a safe environment and careful actions, simply drying clothes will not affect pregnancy and cause miscarriage.

Climbing the stairs helps to produce?

Some reports pointed out that the frequency of exercise during pregnancy and the progress of the second birth (uterine expansion to the birth of the fetus) is related to the rapid and slow development. Pregnant women with exercise will shorten production and production time.Therefore, expectant mothers should do moderate and regular prenatal exercise. Walking or climbing stairs is a good choice. It can not only strengthen cardiopulmonary function and physical strength, but also strengthen pelvic muscles. Pelvis is easier to open during production.Especially walking and climbing stairs at the end of pregnancy can help the fetal head decrease; however, pay attention to the center of gravity when climbing the stairs, and avoid the stairs as much as possible to avoid going down the stairs, so as not to increase the burden and damage of the spine and knee joints.

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