Will they become fat after pregnancy?Yang Mi and Zhang Zilin told you that this is not like this!

It is said that they will become fat after pregnancy. For babies, they eat and drink all day. They ignore nothing. They are panting when they walk, but are you curious? Why do n’t the stars only have a belly after pregnancy?IntersectionIntersectionThe figure is still spicy and slender. How can I keep my body during pregnancy?

First of all, let’s take a look at how beautiful these stars are pregnant!Tong Liya promoted her husband’s movie after pregnancy. She still seemed to be not fat at all, and she was still so beautiful!

Yang Mi did not see my belly for seven months of pregnancy

Zhang Zilin appeared in the state of a fashion ceremony. Can I see that this is 5 months pregnant?

Look at Zilin’s pregnant women’s daily life, and the amount of food is so amazing, why not gain weight at all!IntersectionIt is still important for nutrition!

When the milk tea sister Zhang Zetian was exposed to 5 months of pregnancy, we saw that her lower abdomen was bulging, but the arms were still spicy …

Generological sharing photos during pregnancy, except for the stomach, still looks so girl, who said that pregnancy will become fat, why are they still spicy?

Of course, in addition to these examples, there are many stars like us. After pregnancy, I can’t bear it … This is the change of Huo Siyan before and after pregnancy.

The secret to only the stomach is not meat

So, this case tells us that the control of control during pregnancy must start with the control of the control. Do you want to go completely?If you don’t want to, you still have to save it. The following TIPS is very useful to you. Control the specific method of weight loss during pregnancy. Tips are as follows. Pregnant mothers remember that they can only grow their belly and not meat!

Write a diet diary: Record the diet content of daily morning, middle, and dinner to reflect on whether you eat what you should not eat.

Weighing every day: You can keep reminding yourself that you should pay attention to the content of the diet to avoid eating too much food.

Diet for a while the next day: Sometimes you carelessly, you don’t have to blame yourself too much. It is recommended to reduce the amount of diet the next day, and it is advisable to eat light food.

Understand the amount of food calories: understand the calories of food, thereby controlling the calorie intake.

Think about preparing for postpartum slimming: From the beginning of pregnancy, always the police, do not increase the weight of weight, fall into the abyss of weight loss after giving birth, and it is not good for yourself and your baby.

Quit garbage snacks: When visiting the supermarket or vegetable market, you only buy foods that are necessary and planned to restrain the impulse to buy garbage snacks.

Husband helps to control: Ask the husband to confirm the weight number of the prospective mother every day, and strictly check the weight of his wife.

Scientific and reasonable diet and exercise plan: This is the most important point. It is necessary to formulate and strictly follow the execution under the guidance of a doctor.

It is important to maintain a body, but it is more important to maintain adequate nutrition to the baby, so pregnant mothers must pay attention to the nutritional matching and not greedy. I believe that with the secret secret of controlling the weight of pregnancy, you can insist on, Make the whole pregnancy beautiful!

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