Will there be a lot of "fart", will it affect the development of the fetus?

It is really not easy to give birth to the ten months of life. In addition to worrying about some normal problems, there will be some difficulty in opening up, such as frequent farting during pregnancy.

Many pregnant mothers have responded to this problem. In addition to feeling embarrassed, they are more worried about whether they will have a bad impact on the fetal treasure in the stomach.Then, let’s take a look at the reasons for farting during pregnancy.

Original address: There are many "farts" in pregnancy, will it affect fetal development?

1. Gastrointestinal squeezing

As the pregnant mothers’ stomachs rose day by day, their uterus is slowly growing. In the process, the uterus will squeeze to the stomach and stomach, so that the peristalsis of the stomach and intestines will be affected.Moreover, it is not recommended to control the pregnant mother, because the wall muscles of the pregnant woman are weak, and it is difficult to mobilize their role. More importantly, pregnant mothers cannot use the abdominal wall muscles hard, otherwise it is likely to stimulate contractions, which may cause causingThe fetal treasure was stimulated.

2. Diet impact

Some pregnant mothers will also eat some foods that are prone to gas during pregnancy, which will also cause the pregnant mothers to have more gas in the stomach. At this time, they have to be arranged.At the same time, this has a lot to do with their frequent food and irregular diet.Pregnant mothers want to change this situation, and they can eat more light food so that this situation can be better relieved.

In summary, you want to tell everyone that women will have some reactions during pregnancy during pregnancy. For example, vomiting, nausea and loss of appetite, and the appetite is not very good.Hormones also cause some irritation to the gastrointestinal of pregnant women, and also cause a certain sense of oppression to the stomach, so there will be farting, so don’t worry too much.

However, expectant mothers can not completely ignore the phenomenon of "farting". If flatulence is particularly serious, it may cause constipation, and constipation is more harmful to the fetus. Long -term constipation will cause the accumulation of body toxins. It may endanger the fetus.Healthy, excessive mothers to go to the toilet may also cause contraction, and it is also easy to move tire gas.

Pregnant mothers must have a reasonable diet at this time to adjust their habits.At the same time, when you are pregnant, you must eat it at light. It is best not to eat such stimulus or difficulty digestion, otherwise it will cause a great burden on the stomach.Especially when nausea and vomiting, try not to go to the place with a heavy smell of oil fume. When you go out and breathe fresh air, it will also alleviate the reaction during pregnancy. If pregnant women do not pay attention, it will cause farting.,getting more serious.

Many pregnant women have fart and feel very embarrassed, so they want to bear it.But at this time, if pregnant women often endure, they will cause great harm to the body. These extra exhaust gas in the body cannot be discharged, and some viruses and bacteria in the intestine will gradually breed, so it will lead to constipation.In the case, abdominal pain occurs.

Therefore, if this is the case during pregnancy, try not to bear it as much as possible. You should follow some changes in the body in time. If the restraint is powerful, it will not only cause harm to the body, but also affect the belly in the stomach.Baby’s development.

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