Will the liver be pregnant?The rare situation of ectopic pregnancy, this "heart liver baby" cannot be left

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Everyone has heard more ectopic pregnancy. When it comes to mention, many people think of fallopian tube pregnancy, abdominal pain, surgery, bleeding, etc. for the first time.

However, in addition to fallopian tubes, will this "fertilized egg" go elsewhere?The answer is "meeting".

A pregnant woman in Hunan suffers from "liver abnormal pregnancy".At first, the pregnant woman noticed that she might be pregnant. The menstruation had been "late" for a month, and at the same time, there were symptoms such as abdominal pain, dizziness, and nausea.

After that, the pregnant woman went to the hospital and tested HCG, but did not find embryos in the uterus.When I went to the higher -level hospital, the diagnosis was confirmed that the liver is abnormal pregnancy.

In simple terms, this situation is that the embryo runs to the liver.However, this "heart and liver baby" cannot be stayed. Be sure to take out the gestational sac as soon as possible, otherwise there will be life -threatening.

Because the gestational sac is located behind the right of the liver, the surgery must take out the gestational sac completely, but also minimize the bleeding of pregnant women, which has certain difficulty and risk.

Fortunately, it was found that timely and medical technology was developed, and finally pregnant women were safe.

As we all know, sperm and egg encounters are combined into a place where the fertilized eggs are in the fallopian tube, and then the fertilized eggs enter the uterus bed and develop.

However, if the fallopian tubes have fistulas caused by inflammation, surgery, or tumor compression of tumors and uterus near the uterus, the fertilized eggs cannot pass, and they will settle in the fallopian tube.

In addition, the fallopian tube and the ovaries are not closely connected. One end of the fallopian tube is umbrella -shaped, and the fertilized eggs may be treated to take root by this exit.

In particular, the possibility of this situation is even more likely to occur in the first -day infertility of the fallopian tube and the ovaries. The "fertilized egg" of the pregnant mother above ran to the liver.

The liver is a very important organ of the human body. If the gestational sac continues to grow here, in addition to the symptoms of the above pregnant women, it will also cause bleeding and liver rupture. In the end, it will bleed, shock, and even lose their lives.

Therefore, once you find an abnormal pregnancy, you must listen to the doctors’ arrangements and take treatment measures in a timely manner.

Furthermore, the embryo should exchange nutrition with the mother, so the placenta is attached to the organ after the pregnancy. Except for the uterine, no other organs and parts can bear the placenta.

The placenta will cause this organ or location to form a large venture. The probability of major bleeding is very high, and it will also greatly affect the physical function of pregnant women.

1. Check before pregnancy, do a good job of preparing for pregnancy

It is very important to plan and prepare for pregnancy before pregnancy. Especially for physical examinations. Women should pay attention to check whether there are inflammation of the uterus and uterus, fallopian tubes and its surroundings, ovaries, etc.

Women with pelvic inflammatory disease can only be pregnant after healing.Both sides should also pay attention to physical care, and then get pregnant when the body is in the best state.

2. Daily care must be in place

If women plan to get pregnant, they should pay attention to daily care, especially personal hygiene in life.Both sides should also pay attention to the hygiene and health of sexual life. After giving birth or abortion, they should pay attention to care and recovery.

3. Pay attention to contraception

Both men and women should also pay attention to contraception to avoid problems such as repeated miscarriage leading to blocked fallopian tubes, which leads to ectopic pregnancy.At the same time, we must also consider the long -term and try to avoid repeated fallopian tubes.

4. Go to the hospital for examination to determine the pregnancy situation

The pregnancy test stick cannot be determined whether the embryo is bed normally in the uterus. The best way is to go to the hospital for examination in time.

The hospital will check the HCG level and B -ultrasound to determine whether it is normal pregnancy or anotonic pregnancy.

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