Will the firecrackers scare the fetus?In the year, these taboos and precautions, pregnant women must know

In Rome, many pregnant women and friends want to go home for the New Year.They must know what kind of etiquette they have in advance, so as not to take cards within the prescribed time.After all, everyone is trying to make a fortune in the new year.Generally speaking, there are many customs in the old house, and the grave is one of them.

In some places, pregnant women cannot go to the cemetery to burn paper, because pregnancy is a happy event, and the cemetery is a sacrifice place. It belongs to white, red and white photos.Touching this scene, thinking of the sad past, pregnant women are easy to fluctuate emotionally.

If you move to a new home at the end of the year, it is best not to participate in pregnant women.Pregnant women should avoid moving objects, killing chickens, ducks, and cutting meat. It is said that these actions can easily evoke the spirit of the fetus.

Pregnant women need a quiet environment and a peaceful mentality, so whether it is a wedding banquet or a white matter, pregnant women should not participate to avoid contact with the lively and emotional occasions.

In addition to some taboos, there are many activities in the New Year.Pregnant women still need to pay attention to the following points:

1.Pay attention to safety and avoid crowded.

Many places have temple fairs, performances and other activities during the Spring Festival.Such activities are very popular.Mothers themselves are not convenient to move.For the safety of the fetus, it is not recommended to go to a place where people flow is too large to avoid accidents under crowded.

2.At the wedding banquet, we should stay away from the liquor and players.

If you have to participate in some banquets and wedding banquets, accompanied by relatives, pregnant women should pay attention to protect themselves, stay away from alcoholic and players, sit in a quiet place, few people.

three.Try not to stay for too long in shopping malls without air circulation.

Whenever the Spring Festival, there are many different activities in shopping malls in major shopping malls, such as crazy discounts and promotions. Pregnant women can go shopping, but they should be accompanied by people, pay attention to safety, be careful of the elevator, the air in the mall is not circulating, try not to stay too much as much as possible.Long.

4.Arrange diet and rest to avoid fatigue and bumps.

Of course, entertainment activities are essential, but compared with pregnant women, diet and rest are the most important. The diet of pregnant women is a source of nutrition for the fetus. Therefore, it is important to ensure that they have sufficient sleep and normal diet during the Spring Festival.of.Don’t arrange too many social gatherings for yourself to avoid fatigue and confusion.

5.You can put fireworks and firecrackers, but pay attention to safety.

Fireworks need to be ignited. First of all, pay attention to safety to avoid burns and explosions.Fireworks will make a sound. If the fetus moves in the during pregnancy and three months, if the fetus is more resistant to the surrounding environment and the fetal movement frequency is abnormal, the mother should change the quiet environment in time.

6.Keep warm to prevent colds.

During the Spring Festival, most areas are relatively cold. There are no heating facilities in some places. To keep warm, clothes should be worn comfortably, because if pregnant women have a cold, taking medicine and treatment are limited, it is more troublesome to deal with.

Will the sound of firecrackers affect the fetus?

In fact, if the fetal hearing function is not mature in the early stages of pregnancy, the sound of firecrackers will not affect the fetus.

The impact of external voices on the fetus depends on whether the sound affects the pregnant woman himself.If pregnant women listen to the sound of firecrackers, she will not feel uncomfortable except a little irrelevant voice.

If the pregnant woman hears a certain voice, her body will immediately feel uncomfortable and emotional. The impact on the fetus is that the emotional fluctuation of the pregnant woman will fluctuate the baby’s body. If the fetus is in the fetal movement period, the fetus will move several times a few times.Protest the surrounding environment.When pregnant women calm down, the fetus is fine.

New Year approached.In my hometown, the sound of firecrackers is really inevitable.If you worry about the harmful impact of firecrackers on babies, you can take some protection measures:

1.When setting off firecrackers at home, stay in the room and close the door.Cover the stomach with a quilt or clothes to reduce the stimulus of the firecrackers to the fetus.

2.Pregnant women can interact with the fetus and tell the baby in the stomach that setting off firecrackers in the Spring Festival is a custom.Do not be afraid.Mom accompanies you.This is a kind of mental communication between maternal and infants.Moms can try.Just like prenatal education is now very popular, we can try whether it is useful or not.

For pregnant women, the most important thing is to maintain optimism and relaxation and spend the pregnancy.Don’t always worry.The fetus is not so fragile.After thousands of years of reproduction, humans are very tenacious.If there is a problem, it is also the mechanism of elimination of the fittest, which is not necessarily caused by the external environment.

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