Will the endometritis in the uterine affect pregnancy?Pay attention to these 6 major hazards, I know early treatment

The endometritis, as the name suggests, is inflammation that occurs in the endometrium. This kind of gynecological disease is related to many factors.Diseases, etc., patients with endometritis will cause lower abdomen pain and irregular bleeding. In addition, it will also cause a series of harms, which will have a poor impact on patients’ lives and physical health.

1. Reduce quality of life

After suffering from endometritis, there will be increased secretions, and at the same time, it will be accompanied by lower abdomen swelling and backache back pain. At this time, when communicating with others, the discomfort will increase.It will even refuse to get along with others because of pain, which will not only have a bad impact on your health, but also affect the relationship between husband and wife over time.

2, dysmenorrhea

Many women have dysmenorrhea. If women who have dysmenorrhea have suffered from endometritis, the dysmenorrhea will increase and even affect normal life and work.Because endometritis, if it is not treated in time, the stimulation of the cervix when the endometrium falls off will become more obvious, which makes the pain more serious.

3. Cause infertility

After suffering from endometritis, there will be a large number of bacteria and white blood cells in the uterus. If you prepare at this time, the cells enter the uterus at this time, which will be affected by poorly.The binding rate of fertilized eggs may eventually affect the chance of conception, which can even lead to female infertility in severe cases.

4. Affect the growth and development of the fetus

If endometritis has not been treated in a timely and effective treatment, the uterus will be constantly stimulated by inflammation. Even if you are barely pregnant, inflammatory molecules will affect the fetal health of the fetus through the placenta, which will cause the fetus’s normal growth and development to be adversely affected.Sometimes it will cause premature birth or malformations.

5. Affects the health of pelvic cavity and fallopian tube

If you have acute endometritis but not timely treatment, then endometrial bleeding will be caused. In the long run, the surrounding organs will be adversely affected. For example, Even leading to fallopian tube blockage, which not only affects the health of the pelvic cavity, but also may affect the chance of women’s conception.

6. Fever, weakness, sweaty

After suffering from endometritis, patients will develop a series of discomfort symptoms, such as fever, weakness, sweating, accelerated heartbeat, waist and abdomen pain, and increased white tract and increased menstruation.Therefore, it should be treated in time after endometritis, such as taking related drugs.

Kind tips

The treatment of endometritis is mainly divided into two types, including antibiotics and surgery.If the symptoms are relatively mild, you can have a good therapeutic effect through consumption of a sufficient amount of broad -spectrum antibiotics or combined medications. Even if the infection diffusion has occurred, it can also be treated by the method of infusion of antibiotics.

If the patient’s condition is more serious, and even a cyst formed by pus, then surgical treatment must be performed. The common surgical method is to drain pus. Surgical treatment combines antibiotic treatment, which can generally get good effects.

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